Geneva’s employment rate: don’t forget the diplomats and NGOs!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The canton of Geneva has contacted federal authorities to point out what it calls an “omission” in federal records for 2011, with jobs held by diplomats and international organization workers not taken into account in the rate and density of employment figures for Switzerland’s urban centres. The oversight was noted in the […]

Geneva crime levels: real, media hype or a fuzzy in-between?

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The hottest media story in Geneva in recent weeks has been about safety in the city, the rising rate of crime, the poor police response, the danger to foreigners visiting the city, the danger of foreigners bringing crime into the city: in short, Geneva, that haven of peace, isn’t what it used […]

Libyan diplomats quit, some cities under protestors’ control

Another Arab dictatorship is being rocked to the point where it appears it could fall, with Sayd al-Islam, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, acknowledging publicly Monday, reports the BBC, that “that the eastern cities of Benghazi and al-Bayda had fallen to the opposition”. Several high-level Libyan diplomats have quit their posts, including the […]

Germans reveal extent of foreign ministry’s Nazi past

A study commissioned by former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer reveals the extent to which German diplomats participated in war crimes during the second world war. “Das Amt und die Vergangenheit” (The Ministry and the Past) was published 28 October. It is an 880-page investigation of the foreign ministry’s close involvement in the Holocaust and […]

Geneva, UN poll shows housing worries weigh down expats


Traffic then security are also issues, with security a growing concern Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Housing is the main worry for expatriates and diplomats in Geneva, a poll run jointly by Geneva police and the Swiss Mission to the United Nations. More than half of the 1,098 persons questioned said housing was their biggest concern, […]

Why Guardian is reviving Libya/Swiss row today

I was puzzled to see that the Guardian has an article today on Libya, Switzerland, the European Union and the ban on travel by top Libyan officials. I read nearly to the end before I found the news peg – normally higher up in a story, but when the news is old and editors are […]

Diplomatic tit for tat between Argentina and Honduras

Honduras ordered all members of the Argentine embassy in Tegucigalpa to leave the country within three days, Tuesday 18 August. But Argentine foreign minister, Jorge Taiana, on a trade mission in Mexico, said he had not been informed of the deadline, and his diplomats were staying put. The Honduran ministry of foreign affairs said it […]

Russia says Canadian diplomats expelled in Nato retaliation move

Russia has told Canadian officials that two diplomats were expelled in retaliation against Nato (North tlantic Trreaty Organization) and that the move was not directed against Canada. Two Russian diplomats were expelled from Brussels by Nato at the start of May. CBC, Canada