US West to get more dry weather, Spring forecast promises

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US met office handed weather fans a 21 March Spring Equinox present: here’s what to look for during the next three months, starting with more drought and above-average temperatures in large parts of the western US, which are already suffering from drought. Colorado had its first wild fires last week, prompting […]

UN: Situation in Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda could get worse (video)

AFRICA – An unnamed UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s representative in Kenya has said to the Associated Press that the situation in Somalia could become “simply unbearable” in the coming weeks if people continue to abandon their homes in search of food. The food crisis in the Horn of Africa is escalating, with 12 million […]

UN refugee group calls for $136.3m in urgent funds for Somalis

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The UN High Commissioner for Refugees FRiday 8 July called on governments and other donors to come up with $136.3 million in emergency funds to help the rapidly growing number of Somali refugees. The funds should cover the needs of some 90,000 new refugees heading to Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. They are fleeing […]

Floods after drought kill 54 in China

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The death toll has risen to 54 in Jiangxi province alone in eastern China as welcome rains have caused serious flooding in some areas, following a months-long drought that parched much of central and southern China. Some 4.81 million people are affected by the floods, reports Xinhua, with 21 people dead in […]

Drought stretches on in central China: 35m affected

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 60-day drought in the lower reaches of the Yangtse River in China is set to continue, the country’s meteorological service said Sunday evening, 29 May. Rainfall in the area since January has been 40-60 percent less than in 2010, and no rain is expected in the next few days. More than […]

Dry spell continues: bush and forest fires dot Switzerland


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A dozen bush fires have been sparked in canton Vaud in the past week, mostly started by negligence, from cigarette butts and cooking fires not put out properly, police warn. The canton has had a ban since 15 April on lighting fires closer than 10 metres from forests, woods, hedges, grasslands […]

Asia gets new storm warning widget; world to follow


Meteoalarm: Germany has red danger zones Tuesday while Switzerland blissfully green Geneva, Switzerland ( – A beta version of a widget for a tropical storm warning system has just gone live for three locations in Asia and it will soon be available to other countries’ national weather systems, to adopt for their own storm alerts. […]

2009 in top 10 for warmest years ever


WMO says temperatures up, also calls for drought indices Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Climate change and global warming are under discussion in chilly Copenhagen this week, and in Geneva the World Meteorological Organization is contributing its share of scientific data to heat up the debate. The WMO late Tuesday published its latest report on global […]

Drought in Eastern Africa hits the poor hardest

A two-year drought across the countries of Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa is taking its toll on the most vulnerable people: subsistence farmers and pastoralists. In Kenya’s northwestern Turkana region, the worst drought in 40 years is forcing people to sell weakened animals at below market rates in order to survive. Others are […]

Euphrates River drying up forces Iraq to import more grain

Drought but mainly poor water management is causing the Euphrates River to dry up and it is now about half the size it was just a few years ago, writes Campbell Robertson in a New York Times feature. One result is that Iraq has increased its grain imports, but the issue is also causing tensions […]