Hot air balloon crash in Egypt kills 18

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A hot air balloon crash in Egypt, near the resort of Luxor, reportedly killed 18 of the 20 people aboard, reports Reuters. A gas explosion occurred at 1,000 feet altitude (about 300 metres). The balloon was carrying tourists from a number of countries.

Unicef says number of genital cutting cases rising in Switzerland

Sudan new this year, some 1,500 cases BERN, SWITZERLAND – The number of girls or women who live in Switzerland and who have been or are at risk of genital cutting has risen from 6,700 eight years ago to 10, 700 in 2011, according to new figures released Wednesday 28 November by Unesco’s Swiss office. […]

Gaza Strip: ceasefire

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Gaza Strip ceasefire was declared Wednesday 21 November in Cairo, Egypt, and took effect at 21:00. It was signed by Palestine and Israel in the presence of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr. The halt to the fighting comes after eight days of rocket and […]

Israel, Palestine meet in Cairo, Ban Ki-moon to join talks

Building housing international media hit by Israeli missiles twice in two days GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One man, described by Israeli media as “an Islamic Jihad terrorist” died when a tower building that houses a number of international media, including Sky News, was hit by Israeli missiles. Sky News in its live coverage blog reports that […]

Nearly CHF1b of Arab spring dictators’ funds blocked by Swiss

Returning assets to the people is a priority, says ambassador GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – More than CHF1 billion in assets linked to the regimes of dictators who fell during the Arab spring, as well as Syrian assets, have been frozen and it’s a priority for these to be returned to the countries, Ambassador Valentin Zellweger, who […]

Egypt sentences 14 Islamists to death for 2011 Sinai attacks

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – An Egyptian court  sentenced 14 Islamist militants to death Monday 24 September over attacks in the Sinai peninsula that killed seven people last year. The court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya charged the men, members of a militant group called Tawheed and Jihad, for attacks on the police and army in June and July […]

US embassy protests against anti-Muslim film spread

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Hundreds of protesters stormed the US Embassy in Yemen and a second wave tried to reach the US Embassy in Cairo a day after a first protest there, against an amateur film mocking Islam, filmed in the US. A group of Egyptian ministers has asked the Obama administration to take action against […]

Egypt’s former culture minister charged with corruption

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A former culture minister under ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was charged with corruption in Cairo Tuesday 4 September. State media report that Farouk Hosni, who served for 24 years as cultural minister, had been unable to explain the origins of $1.7 million in assets and was being referred to court for […]

Egyptian football club can play again, says CAS

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The sports world’s highest court, CAS (Court for Arbitration in Sport) in Lausanne said Thursday 26 July that Al-Masry, the Egyptian football club that was suspended by the Egyptian Football Assocation after 2011 riots, may play league football again for the 2012-13 season. Seventy-four people died in the riots 1 February, which […]

Mubarak ordered back to prison

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Egypt’s public prosecutor ordered former president Hosni Mubarak back to prison Monday 16 July, nearly a month after he was sent to a military hospital after allegedly suffering from a stroke. Prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud said that the former leader, who had been sentenced to life in June for the deaths of […]