Swiss Abroad push for electronic vote

LUGANO, TICINO – The annual congress of the 700,000 Swiss who live abroad, often referred to as the Fifth Switzerland, is putting its weight behind a push for more widespread electronic voting. Some 135,000 Swiss abroad are registered to vote, but the group argues that more citizens abroad will register and vote if electronic voting […]

Swiss commission underway, to push electronic voting

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A new federal commission to encourage and develop electronic voting throughout Switzerland has met for the first time. Four federal officials and eight from cantons will oversee the gradual expansion of electronic voting. Cantons Geneva, Neuchatel and Zurich began developing their own electronic systems in 2004 and there are now 13 cantons […]

Sunday referendum boosted Swiss electronic voting

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The popular referendum in Switzerland Sunday 13 February failed to take firearms out of Swiss homes, but it gave a boost to electronic voting. Twelve cantons continued to test electronic systems for federal voting, and there were no problems, according to Bern. The turnout for potential electronic voters was low, with […]

Electronic votes to allow Swiss abroad their say in 5 more cantons

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Five additional cantons will be able to offer electronic voting to their citizens in November 2010 federal elections, bringing the total number to 12 cantons, nearly half of the country. The Swiss federal electoral commission announced the decision 8 September. The November ballots take electronic voting, in which Switzerland is a […]

E-voting in Geneva is e-asy

by Peter Gaechter Voting has never been easier. I always thought it was cool to wake up on the Sunday morning of voting day, and go on down to the voting place, which in my case was the local gymnasium. When I moved across the border to France, things changed. As one of the many […]

Switzerland will pioneer e-voting for its citizens abroad


Geneva and Lucerne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss federal chancellor, Corina Casanova, told delegates to the annual meeting of the Swiss Abroad Organization in Lucerne that they will all be able to vote electronically by 2015, using a system that will gradually be extended to cover voters registered in all cantons. Switzerland thus becomes a […]