Fallout appears from Swiss decision on foreign workers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The day after Switzerland announced that it will curb the number of foreign workers from the European Union, starting 1 May, four other European countries signed a letter saying that they, too, need to limit immigration, reports RTS. The Netherlands, Britain, Germany and Austria cited reasons similar to Switzerland’s for invoking the […]

Switzerland limits EU immigration, invoking “safeguard” clause


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Federal Council in a startling move is invoking the “safeguard” clause written into the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons, saying that Switzerland has become too attractive to other Europeans, for better and for worse. The lower house of parliament recommended two months ago that the government should not […]

Lower house committee says no to starting Schengen safeguard clause

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland insisted on a safeguard clause, when the Bilateral Agreement on the FMP (free movement of persons) was drawn up with the European Union to allow a phase-in of its borders being opened. The clause, which could temporarily halt residence and work permits for some EU citizens, has not been invoked to […]

Swiss jobless rate up to 4.4%

Jump is small compared to Europe’s BERN, SWITZERLAND – The unemployment rate in Switzerland rose to 4.4 percent between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of this year. The European Union’s jobless rate rose from 9.9 percent to 10.7 percent during the same period. The figures use the ILO (International Labour Organization) […]

Summer time (!) reminder: chilly or not, change the clock early Sunday

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The weather forecast for the weekend is more of the same gray chilliness, but despite that, Switzerland and most of Europe move to summer time this weekend. Put it on your agenda now: at 02:00 Sunday, your clocks should be moved forward an hour.  

EU move to cap bank exec’s salaries: eyes now on Swiss vote (correction)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The European Union parliament in the late hours of Wednesday agreed to cap bank executives’ bonuses at no larger than their fixed annual salaries, with rare exceptions. The move comes just four days before Swiss voters decide on the hotly debated Minder Initiative, sometimes called the “rip-off” initiative, in a referendum. The […]

Zimbabwe sanctions bring number banned from Switzerland to120

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Sanctions against Zimbabwe were tightened by Switzerland Wednesday 27 February with the addition of 20 names to the list of officials and companies banned from traveling to and through the country. The group was added to the consolidated sanctions list published 3 January, which includes President Robert Mugabe. Switzerland has had sanctions […]

Swiss foreign minister joins EU ministers for Rome Kerry dinner

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter is joining European Union foreign ministers in Rome Wednesday night 27 February for a working dinner with the new US Secretary of State, John Kerry. Kerry has been in the job since 1 February and he is currently on his first trip abroad in that role. Italian […]

Europe struggles to give itself a budget

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The European Union was struggling Friday morning 23 Novembr to find a way to give itself a 2014-2020 budget it can live with, after an  initial day of negotiations showed strong lines still drawn between northern and southern European nations. The UK wants to see an overall reduction to the €1 trillion […]

Swiss name new multilateral tax issues ambassador

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Fabrice Filliez has been named Switzerland’s new ambassador for multilateral fiscal matters, a new post in the office for international financial questions, SMI. He will be responsible for defending Switzerland’s rights and responsibilities in international organizations that deal with multilateral tax matters, notably the OECD and the United Nations’s Ecosac. He will […]