Former Credit Suisse manager arrested in London (update)

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Kareem Serageldin, one of three Credit Suisse senior managers fired by the bank in 2008 when a massive fraud in the sub-prime mortgage market was uncovered, has been arrested in London. The bank at the time lost CHF2.5 billion from the scheme “initiated” by Sergeldin, according to US court documents filed in […]

Pimps arrested, teenage prostitutes freed in giant US sweep

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A sweep by the FBI across several US states from Friday 22 June to Sunday netted more than 100 pimps and allowed the “feds” to free 79 teenage prostitutes, the American crime-fighting agency said Tuesday. The raids, conducted over 72 hours in 57 cities, was done with the help of state and […]

FBI begins probe into JP Morgan

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US Federal Bureau of Investigations has opened a preliminary inquiry into a $2 billion trading loss at JP Morgan Chase, which led to the resignation Monday 14 May of the bank’s chief investment officer, Ina Drew. Shareholders defended the investment bank’s chief Jamie Dimon at the annual general meeting, rejecting a […]

“Anonymous” hackers unmasked, but real impact of FBI sweep unclear

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The arrest 20 July of 21 hackers, some of whom are part of the loose networks Anonymous and LulzSec, is part of a wider net to catch computer hackers that included 60 searches, according to the United States Justice Department, but reactions, mainly in the US and Europe, have been tempered by […]

Lift pulls in 1,000 future-thinkers


Conference on the future opens as Switzerland probes innovation Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Lift, the Geneva-based conference on the future and what it can do for you opens Wednesday 2 February and runs until Friday. It features, in its fifth year, a focus on current and emerging usage of digital technologies, with speakers who range […]

US mafia thumped by FBI

Organized crime has taken a beating, says the FBI, which Thursday 20 January rounded up 110 suspected members of the mob in the New York area, the largest single sweep according to federal authorities. Charges have been pressed against a total of 127 people for extortion, murder and narcotics. The haul includes leaders of some […]

Russians to hunt down spy who betrayed Anna Chapman

A highly-placed Russian intelligence officer, identified only as “Colonel Shcherbakov”, is being hunted down in revenge for betraying Russian “illegals”, sleeper spies who spent years in the US assuming new identities, according to a report in the respected Moscow newspaper Kommersant. “We know who he is and where he is. You can have no doubt […]

FBI busts deep cover Russian spy ring

The FBI has arrested what observers are calling a spy ring composed of apparently normal suburban citizens who had been instructed to penetrate US “policy-making” circles. Ten people were arrested 27 June in Yonkers, NY, North Virginia and Boston. One person reportedly was still at large. The five couples,many of whom have been in the […]

US sends FBI to Mexico

The US Saturday warned its staff to send families out of Juarez, Mexico, where it has a consulate, shortly before three of its staff were killed in drive-by shootings in the border city, famous for its violence. The US is now sending eight FBI investigators to join Mexican agents looking into the shootings, and US […]

Undercover sting nabs four in New York in terrorism plot

Four men have been arrested in New York, USA, after they agreed to buy missiles in an undercover operation. The men are being charged with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction against the United States. The FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) says the men were plotting to leave a bomb at the Riverdale […]