DRC: Goma taken by rebels, refugee problem rapidly worsening

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The M23 rebels who have been fighting government and UN-backed forces ran into little opposition Tuesday 20 November as they took over the city of Goma in eastern DRC (Democratic  Republic of Congo), news agencies and humanitarian organizations working in the area are reporting. The UN Security Council, in a 15-0 vote, […]

Rwandan border area pulled into DRC conflict

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rwanda says it is exercising restraint for now, after two people were killed and several others injured by fire from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) government troops. The injured include a woman and her two children who are still in hospital, according to allAfrica/The New Times. The New York Times reports fears […]

Israel, Palestine meet in Cairo, Ban Ki-moon to join talks

Building housing international media hit by Israeli missiles twice in two days GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One man, described by Israeli media as “an Islamic Jihad terrorist” died when a tower building that houses a number of international media, including Sky News, was hit by Israeli missiles. Sky News in its live coverage blog reports that […]

Int. Red Cross head to Moscow to plead for 2 hr/day aid breaks

Visit “against deteriorating humanitarian aid background” as fighting breaks out in capital GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Jacob Kellenberger, head of the Geneva-based International Red Cross, is in Moscow Monday 19 March to ask Russian authorities for help in getting a two-hour daily break in fighting in Syria. Kellenberger’s visit “takes place against the background of a […]

Refugee group points to new Mali crisis, N Koreans held by China

$35.6 million needed for 85,000 refugees fleeing Mali fighting GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Fighting that flared up in northern Mali 17 January continues and is causing an exodus of refugees, the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) said Friday 24 February in an appeal for funds. It is seeking $36.5 million to cover emergency expenses to […]

Red Cross warns Libyans about unexploded ordnance

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The ICRC (International Red Cross) in Geneva and the Libyan Red Cross have begun a three-week radio campaign in Libya to warn the population of the danger of explosive remnants of war. The programme is being launched a day after the Landmine Monitor Report 2011 cautioned that landmine detection work will need […]

Qaddafi captured, some reports say he has died of injuries

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Reports are coming in from several major news agencies that Muammar Qaddafi has died, while other reports say only that he was captured after fighting in the area. Both are emanating from the new regime, reporting from Sirte.

Syrian deaths continue; Arab League pushes for dialogue

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Deaths of civilians in Syria, at the hands of their government, and deaths of soldiers continue unabated, even as the Arab League pushes President Bashar al-Assad to start a dialogue with the opposition. Aljazeera reports tha 24 people died Monday 17 October in Homs alone, a centre of the popular protests, with […]

Yemen fighting builds as civil war looms

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – New fighting that broke out in Yemen three days ago appears to be bringing the country closer to civil war, with the city of Sana seeing at least 25 people killed in two days (some reports say 60). Government forces, former troops that have rebelled, protesters and tribesman are all involved in […]

Libya situation fragile, fighting builds around Qaddafi compound

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Fighting is intensifying around the Qaddafi compound in Tripoli, reports Aljazeera, as rebels push to gain control of the Libya capital Tuesday 23 August, in the face of stiff resistance. Tuesday has been a day of conflicting reports, following the surprise appearance of Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi, wanted on war crimes charges by […]