UK driver caught doing 219kph near Bellinzona

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 28-year-old British resident, driving south on the A2 autoroute in Molena, near Bellinzona, was clocked doing 219kph on the 120-limit road just after midnight Tuesday 10 April, say police in canton Ticino. He is being charged with a serious offense against the Swiss Traffic Rules Act. He was released after putting […]

Netherlands cannabis coffee shop owner fined 10m euros

The owner of The Netherlands largest cannabis-selling coffee shop, which was closed in 2009 by the government, was fined 10m euros for breaking the law by having more than the permitted amount of the drug on the premises. Meddie Willemsen’s Checkpoint coffee shop in Terneuzen reportedly served up to 3,000 customers a day at its […]

US client of UBS given 5 yrs probation, fined

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Juergen Homann, 67, a New Jersey businessman, was fined $600,000 and given five years probation by a US District Court judge for hiding $6.1 million from the IRS, US tax authority, and for not declaring offshore accounts. Homann could have been imprisoned for up to five years but the court acknowledged […]

Man sentenced for helping hide illegal immigrant who later died

Kreuzlingen, Thurgau (GenevaLunch) – The man who left an unconscious woman in front of a hospital in April 2009 was given a suspended sentence to pay CHF3,400 and fined CHF250 for helping hide an illegal immigrant. The woman was his gravely ill companion whom he had dropped off at the hospital door when he could […]

Côte d’Ivoire fined by Fifa for stadium collapse that killed 22

Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Fifa, the Swiss-based international football federation, is fining Côte d’Ivoire CHF50,000 and enforcing several preventive measures before the next home match, at the end of a disciplinary investigation into a March 2009 accident that killed 22 people. Fifa has also donated CHF100,000 to the families of those who died. The deaths […]