Summer holiday workouts

Summer holidays are in full swing and many people are taking time off to relax and recharge the batteries. One of the questions I often get is “how can I continue my training on holiday without access to a gym”? First of all I’m a firm believer that holidays should be holidays. A time to switch […]

Footwear for the gym

The emergence of the barefoot running movement has been a very interesting emerging trend in the world of fitness in the past couple of years. The concept was really brought into the mainstream by Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, which looks at the greatest ultra endurance runners in the world, the Tarahumara of Mexico. Despite having […]

The Kettlebell Swing

One of my absolute favourite exercises is the kettlebell swing. It’s an easy movement to learn and can be used to burn fat, increase cardiovascular fitness and improve strength levels. You need minimal space and equipment to perform the swing and although it is unquestionably challenging, it is a fun exercise to incorporate into your […]

Women’s Sports Weekend Getaway in Lausanne

A weekend for women to relax, do sports and exercise in Lausanne.

Get the most bang for your training buck

I’m quite lucky in that there is nothing I love more than being in the gym and training. For many people, training is a chore. Something that has to be done out of a self-imposed obligation to try stay fit and healthy, but which brings plenty of pain and no pleasure. As we all know, […]

Free Sunday walks, discover Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – Get moving on Sundays thanks to GenèveRando, which with the financial support of the city of Geneva, organizes 2-3 hour walks to discover the city. Fourteen  guided walks are offered every third Sunday of the month, free of charge from April to October 2012. This Sunday 20 May there are two great […]

Back to Basics

I was reading an article recently about the amazing lengths that Tour de France competitor Team Sky went to in order to prepare its riders for what is undoubtedly one of the most arduous challenges in all sports. Sports science plays a key role in how the team approaches nutrition, fitness and equipment. Sky is the only […]

Cool exercises you have never heard of

The Loaded Carry Core training is one of the buzzwords of the fitness industry right now and if you go to any commercial gym you can find dozens of (usually quite bizarre) devices that are designed to tone your midsection. A great approach to core training (or for that matter any type of training) is […]

Red meat will kill you, or will it?

How to read scientific studies Newspapers love scientific studies. It gives them the opportunity to promote big bold headlines. Usually telling us that something is about to kill us and the world is on the verge of disaster. The Daily Mail in the UK is the master of such scare stories. Some recent gems have […]

Fitness is …

Ed. note: Jon Ingram in Geneva is writing our newest blog, on fitness issues. The 1970s saw a revolution in the world of fitness – the introduction of aerobics. Led by Dr Kenneth Cooper, a former Air Force Colonel from Oklohoma, physical fitness was first thrust into the mainstream conscious. Cooper published several books such […]