Lindt gets heavy chocolate pressure from pro-sustainability groups


Berne Declaration group delivers giant chocolate bar to Ernst Tanner, CEO of Lindt & Sprungli ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland’s staid business reputation gets a shock every now and again when an annual general meeting (AGM) is visited by protestors, such as orangatang-garbed ones who dropped in on Nestlé a couple years ago. 2013 will go […]

UK scientists slip fruit juice into chocolate for lower fat


But will it pass muster in Switzerland? GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A telling detail is that the results were presented, not to the chocolate industry, but to the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting Sunday 7 April: fat in chocolate can be reduced by inserting “microscopic droplets of fruit juice”. This is about a process, not a […]

The Ikea tart tale: yes, a few were sold, no, they weren’t harmful

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Ikea tarts sold for six months in Switzerland may have contained fecal bacteria of a type that does not harm humans, in insignificant amounts, the store said in a statement issued Monday, after rumours to that effect. The company’s statement to the press, in French, followed by a translation: En Chine, des […]

Consumer alliance files charges over horse meat scandal

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Alliance of Consumer Organisations has filed fraud charges against an unknown perpetrator for supplying consumers with products labeled as beef that contained  horse meat. The three member organisations from three language regions, ACSI, FRC and SKS in 2010 joined forces “to reinforce the interests of the consumers throughout Switzerland”. Their legal […]

Coop pulls lasagna off the shelf to check for horse meat (update)


Possibility the scandal has reached Switzerland comes as group celebrates 20 years of organic food Nestlé says UK Findus frozen lasagna is not owned by firm, not connected to Findus Suisse Updated 23:40  ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Coop, one of Switzerland’s two main supermarket chains, has taken lasagna supplied by French company Comigel off the shelves […]

“Made in Switzerland”: at least 80%


BERN, SWITZERLAND – Both houses of parliament are now backing legislation to strengthen the label “made in Switzerland”, after the upper house agreed Monday 10 December to require 80 percent of raw materials to be from Switzerland in food products and 50 percent of total production costs for industrial products. The Federal Council has been […]

Switzerland exports and imports more cheese than before

Appenzeller cheese the preferred choice of German importers - Photo SMC

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland has exported so far in 2012, a staggering 31,050 tons of cheese which represents an 8.9% increase compared to the first semester of 2010 (latest available statistics). According to Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG (SCM) and TSM Trustee GmbH in Bern which published the results, this shows “consumers are willing to pay […]

China’s slower growth eases consumer prices

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The rate of growth of China’s consumer price index (CPI) fell to 2.2 percent in June, year on year, the slowest rate of growth in 29 months, the National Bureau of Statistics announced Monday. The downward drift reflects a larger economic slowdown, with the NBS attributing it mainly to a fall in […]

Migrolino shops at gas stations will rapidly multiply

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The number of Migrolino boutique food shops at petrol stations is about to take a hefty jump thanks to a deal with Socar Energy Switzerland (Socar), which is taking over 170 Esso service stations in the country in coming months. Migros, which owns Migrolino, and Socar have signed a deal that gives […]

The Americans Abroad Diet (update)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Eat forms! Stay thin! Whittle down those calories through worry! Americans abroad may have some sage advice for fellow citizens. A survey headline that is being picked up by media because it is catchy and touches a subject near and dear to Americans, food, states that “Americans Find Doing Their Own Taxes […]