Traffic alert: rail traffic via Fribourg diverted after cargo train derails

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Rail traffic in western Switzerland is being rerouted via Beil/Bienne after a cargo train derailment forced the closure of the line between Bern and Fribourg, says the CFF. No one was injured when the train derailed shortly before 10:00 between Berne Ausserholligen and Bern Bümpliz. Some passengers are being put on buses […]

Warmest night on record in Ticino, tremors in Fribourg, Anniviers

LUGANO, SWITZERLAND – Climate and geology are getting off to an odd start in 2013 in Swizerland. The past three days have seen tremors north of Bulle, in canton Fribourg, 3.1, and the Val d’Anniviers in canton Valais, 2.8, neither of which caused damage. The night of 5 January was the warmest January night since […]

Baby Coendou doing well at Papiliorama

Baby Brazilian Coendou, born at the Papiliorama in canton Fribourg

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A baby Brazilian Coendou (prehensile-tailed porcupines or coendous, genus Coendou), born in early December is doing well, say staff at the Papiliorama Foundation in Kerzers, canton Fribourg. The little nocturnal creature belongs to a group of arboreal porcupines. It’s the first birth of a Coendou in more than three years; the foundation […]

Lausanne police have new boss after old one sparks city council crisis


News comes as police say 17 hooligans arrested after Saturday hockey clash LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Lausanne’s overheated nightlife and drug scene was part of the reason that city councilor Marc Vuilleumier told local newspaper Le Matin’s Sunday edition that he would no longer take responsibility for the city’s police department. The announcement came as a […]

How the cantons fare: finalists in the Swiss wine competition

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, while not a competition that pits one canton against another, serves as a kind of register for how well wines from the six main wine regions fared against those from other parts of the country. The 2012 distribution of Swiss wine finalists by region and canton […]

Asylum seekers’ fight at Fribourg station leaves 1 in critical condition

FRIBOURG, SWITZERLAND – A fight that broke out at the Fribourg train station at 20.20 Tuesday 15 May has left one man, a 26-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker, in critical condition, say Fribourg police. Five men, all African asylum seekers, were arrested, but a sixth man fled the scene. Police are trying to identify the missing […]

Max the stork loses one of three young


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Max the stork, for those of you who follow the details of Switzerland’s most famous migratory bird, has lost one of three young born in April. The other two, now three weeks old, appear to be thriving, says the Fribourg Natural History Museum 9 May, without providing details about what may have […]

Nespresso to open 3rd Swiss capsules production centre

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Nespresso will create 400 jobs in Switzerland when it opens a third production centre for Nespresso capsules, the company announced Thursday 3 May in a press release. The Nestle subsidiary now employs 7,000 people worldwide; 2,000 of them are in Switzerland. The CHF300 million project should be completed and operational in early […]

It’s spring! says mother stork Max


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Max the stork now has three little ones in the family nest on the Swiss-German border. This is Max’s 11th time around as mother, and she and her mate have managed to keep all three young birds alive during their first week, despite high winds and unseasonably cold temperatures. Max, the world’s […]

Deadly weekend in Swiss Alps (update)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Two men died in the Swiss Alps in separate accidents Monday 9 April, one in canton Valais and the other in Ticino. A hiker in Ticino came across “human remains” Saturday. Monday was the end of the long Easter holiday weekend in Switzerland. A 36-year-old man from canton Fribourg died when a […]