They don’t know it, but this is an ad for gardening

Who said gardening wasn’t sexy?

Buried garden treasures

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There is no longer any doubt, winter is here to stay, and buried somewhere under a metre of fresh snow is my broccoli, that I was planning to stir-fry last Saturday night. Question: by the time the snow melts down a couple feet, will my fresh-frozen but on the stalk broccoli be […]

Home and garden improvement: all you need in one location!

Swiss-based Jumbo stores offer a great combination of products to improve your home and garden. Save time and energy and in just one trip, find plants and tools, candles and curtains, storage boxes (a very large selection) and paints, carpets and lamps, even skis, indoor and outdoor bikes and cleaning products, to name a few. […]

Garden seeds: never too early to think about them

My Alpine garden is under so much snow that it’s hard to believe we might have something growing there by June. And I’m not sure how much my budget will have for lovely new things, since so much will go to replace the fence and broken trees after our stupendous 1-metre-plus snowfalls. Another Alpine gardener, […]

Chinese get Switzerland travel 101 on TV, Internet (final/correction)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland in Chinese: even without Mandarin you can follow these unusual TV travel documentaries on the Switzerland you thought you knew! Occasional travel feature contributor to GenevaLunch, Liam Bates, who spends much of his time as the host of a popular Chinese TV travel show that usually tours hidden corners of China, […]

Swiss Alpine garden fresh pumpkin pie

We harvest 20-40 pumpkins from our Alpine garden every October, dry them for a month on the warm stones of the veranda to harden them off, then store them in a cool dark area for winter eating. We grow them at 1,100 metres altitude, on dirt mixed with a good dose of the neighboring farmer’s […]

Topping and tailing gooseberries the easy way

Here’s a shortcut a wine grape grower’s wife shared with me, for topping and tailing gooseberries. We use them in jam and pies, both of which I love, but it’s always seemed unfair to me that you first get pricked by the thorns and then you have the tedious job of topping and tailing them. […]

Welcome home pies (rhubarb this time)

Click on photos to view larger My son just graduated from college, from UBC in Vancouver. What better way to celebrate his homecoming than with yet another pie, our standard way for the past four years of welcoming him home to Switzerland from abroad. The rhubarb in the garden turned out to be exactly right, […]

Zurich gets a tree museum (update)


Update 4 June / Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Zurich will soon add a new museum to its already eclectic and rich collection of these. One of the world’s top landscape architects, Enzo Enea, will open a tree museum in Raperswil-Jona, canton St Gallen, 14 June. The trees are a collection from those he has moved […]

Plants as art: Stupendous flower images (update)

Update 28 May: link to “Wonderland” web page and to another review of the show Two artists are currently showing us flowers and plant life in very different ways, but to the same end: drawing our attention to a part of the world around us that we too easily take for granted. Click on images […]