Crunching the thesis down to 3 minutes or a haiku

The knotty business of knowledge, complexity and language Russell Smith at the Globe & Mail in Canada writes about the many curious aspects of our culture(s) such as “Who would have thought reality TV could spawn so much junk”. His latest, “Complex ideas can’t always be made simple” offers reflections on how well a competition […]

Switzerland’s Tibetan community marches in Bern, Dalai Lama speech makes headlines


Bern, Switzerland (TSR, Fre) – Fifty years ago today the Dalai Lama fled Tibet, starting an exodus of refugees who today number 123,000 throughout the world. The second largest group of Tibetans in exile, outside Asia, lives in Switzerland. Some 2,000 marched in Bern today, to the Chinese embassy not long after the Dalai Lama […]