Google’s Zurich office quietly prepares to expand

A small office space for private meetings, Google Zurich

On track to add 300 jobs, spread over five areas of work ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Santa paid a visit to Google in Zurich 12 December, the day the company’s Zeitgeist, or “trending” list as defined by Google searches, was released. The present he had in his sack was widespread praise for a product the Zurich […]

Google and cyclists creating Swiss bike maps

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swiss cyclists have it easier this summer, with plenty of easy-to-borrow or rent urban bikes, special deals like Valaisroule‘s four hours of free bicycles, and 3D Google Map that show the terrain. Try selecting the bike icon, then 3D for a map that gives you directions from Verbier to Martigny – prepare […]

Google Wave begins beta-testing with 100,000 volunteers

Google Wave, which Google announced was its contribution to an improvement to e-mail, is being beta-tested by 100,000 volunteers who signed up to try it. Wave promises to revolutionize communications by allowing several people on-line to interact, as with a chat, but combining elements of social networking technology, like sharing documents in real time. Wave […]

Google told to stop Swiss street views, immediately

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Faces too easy to see and car license numbers too clearly visible: Google Maps street views have crossed a legal line in Switzerland just two days after springing views of Geneva and other cities on the world. The Swiss data protection and privacy commissioner, Hanspeter Thuer, Friday 21 August told Google […]

Street view on Google Maps comes to Switzerland


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Google maps, the application from internet giant Google, just released a new version of  its maps application that includes street views, seamless 360° views of the centre of most Swiss cities.  Taken by vans that cruised around the city centre taking countless photographs, the project has caused concern around the world […]