The forgotten meaning of “search”

“In its highest form, a search has no well-defined object.” The blog post with this statement by writer Nicholas Carr (among his credits: former Harvard Business Review executive editor, IT and economy articles and books)  is probably too esoteric for your average Google user, but it’s an useful reminder of how a word that has been […]

Google’s iPhone map app out, let the “wow”s begin!


Google Europe a key player in the development of map technology ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – iPhone users in love with Google maps are happy again, with the introduction early Thursday 13 December (European time) of a new, free Google Map app and Google Earth in beta. The products are being hailed as a major improvement over, […]

Swiss publishers line up with Germans, French over Google indexing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss publishers have joined French and German colleagues in demanding that Google pay for indexing their content, arguing that Google earns advertising income from the content and should share it. Daniel Hammer, head of Médias suisses, the private publishers’ association in Switzerland, is interviewed in an article in l’Hebdo scheduled to appear […]

Google Maps unveils first train rides, in Switzerland, land of trains!

Street View: 360-Panorama-Ansichten von der Albula/Bernina-Bahnstrecke der RhB

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – What better country than Switzerland to start showing train lines on Google Maps Street View, and what better line than the Unesco World Heritage site Albula/Bernina line on the Rhaetian Railways! The new views were unveiled Thursday at the Transport Museum in Lucerne. The rail company and Google worked together in October […]

Websites everywhere dark in protest of US anti-piracy legislation

By William New (republished with permission from Geneva-based Intellectual Property Watch) In an unprecedented action suggesting intellectual property rights have bumped up against an access threshold, thousands of websites have gone “dark” today in protest against two draft anti-piracy and counterfeiting bills in the US Congress that the protestors say would harm freedoms online. The […]

Tech wars warm up vs old industry lines

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The great tech war of 2012 is warming up, writes Fast Company, meaning that four biggies are stepping on each other’s toes and pretty soon the slug fest will begin, featuring Amazon, Apple, Facebook nnd Google. “There was a time, not long ago, when you could sum up each company quite neatly: […]

Tech wars warming up vs when companies had clear profiles

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Zurich Google man keeps Seattle moving

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Brian Ferris recently joined Google in Zurich but before he did he left a legacy that remains popular with public transport users in Seattle. Ferris, as a PhD student at the University of Washington, designed a handy little set of smart phone apps called One Bus Away, which allows people to see […]

Google gets new annual license in China

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Google’s license to operate in mainland China has been renewed for a year. The company has lost market share since it started re-directing traffic to its Hong Kong operations after it was unable to resolve its spat with the Chinese government over censorship. The Chinese license nevertheless allows it to pick up […]

Google’s Linux woes could have widespread impact

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Google’s latest legal faceoff, in the state of Texas, has resulted in a relatively small fine of $5 million for the search engine giant, but the ramifications of the case could be huge, reports Geneva-based IP Watch. The company was sued in 2009 by Bedrock Computer Technologies, “a firm that has […]