UN tells staff to stay put as homesick Baby Doc taunts Haiti

Jean-Claude Duvalier has returned to Haiti after a 25-year absence, prompting the United Nations to restrict the movements of its sizable workforce there for fear of outbreaks of violence, reports CNN. Duvalier, popularly known as Baby Doc during and after the 15 year dictatorship he led, in the footsteps of his father Papa Doc’s 14-year […]

UN under pressure as Haiti protests spread

United Nations agencies are coming under pressure to leave Haiti, as crowds protesting their presence spread to the capital, Port-au-Prince, Thursday 19 November. The rock-throwing, tire-burning crowds also appear to be protesting what they see as government inaction. Cholera has now killed some 1,100 people and spread throughout most of the country. Rumours have also […]

Haiti’s tent people cannot find shelter from Tomas

The 1.3 million people displaced by January’s massive earthquake in Haiti are bracing for the arrival of tropical storm Tomas, which is heading for the Caribbean island and is gathering strength. People living in tents since their houses were destroyed by the earthquake are hoping that the storm will give the capital Port-au-Prince a miss, […]

Five new cases of cholera confirmed in Haiti’s capital

Health authorities in Haiti 24 October confirmed five new cases of cholera in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, bringing to more than 3,000 the number of infected people. More than 250 people have died of the disease since it was first recorded one week ago. The five new cases were infected in the Artibonite region north of […]

Cholera suspected in 138 deaths in Haiti

At least 138 people have died and more than 1,500 are seriously ill following an outbreak of what Haitian health officials say may be cholera, according to reports 22 October. The victims are all from the Artibonite region north of the capital Port-au-Prince, and died of acute diarrhea and dehydration, symptoms of cholera. Medical investigators […]

Three die in Haiti prison riot

Two prisoners have been shot dead and one trampled to death during a riot preceded by an escape attempt at Port-au-Prince’s main prison. One prisoner disarmed a guard 18 October and began to release other prisoners, who then briefly took seven foreigners hostage. The Haitian National Police called for reinforcements from the UN peacekeeping mission, […]

Swiss Caritas worker killed in Haiti

Lucerne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Julien Kénord, 27, who worked for Caritas, Switzerland in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, was killed Friday 8 October, the group announced Tuesday. He had just cashed a Caritas check for $2,000 at a bank in the city and was seated in his car when he was beaten by an unknown assailant. Shortly after, […]

Haiti’s storm warning system in place for hurricane season


Geneva-based WMO says new weather bulletins to help Haitian public but also NGOs Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch.com) – Haiti’s weather service was badly damaged by the hurricane that tore through the country 12 January, but the hobbled National Meteorological Centre of Haiti has been able to use the disaster to rebuild a stronger service in close […]

Haiti shaken by small tremor, int’l mail starts

A relatively small 4.4 earthquake shook Port-au-Prince in Haiti during the night of 3-4 May, sending some panic-stricken residents into the street, but no serious damage was reported. The situation on the island has improved enough for international mail service to be resumed this week, reports Le Nouvelliste in Haiti.

US missionaries in Haiti see kidnapping charges dropped

A US senator from Idaho, home to most of the missionaries who were accused of trying to kidnap a group of children in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, says the charges against nine of them have been dropped. A tenth member of the group remains jailed with charges pending. No explanation has been given. […]