In Swiss media today: Red Cross museum’s tobacco dilemma, ski lift safety

Heavy snow in Ticino delays trains GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The death of a girl in Italy Friday after a 12-metre fall from a ski-lift and an accident involving two small children in France: the safety of ski-lifts is the subject of a report by TSR public television. The video shows some of the improvements made […]

Garden cleanup time gives a gift of frogs

  This has been one tough winter, with snow so deep it buried several trees, including my nearly two-metre tall dwarft pear tree. Broken branches, trees bent to the ground, rosebushes in pieces on the ground: the damage has been great, and the budget will have to stretch to several replacement plants. But it’s not […]

Four children die in China as heavy snow causes schools to collapse

Some of the heaviest snow in decades in norther China has killed 38 people, mainly in road accidents, but four of the dead are children who died when school cafeterias caved in, in Hebei and Henan provinces. The children’s deaths raises anew the question of safety in school building throughout the country. The government has […]

Swiss snow down to plain: traffic slowed, avalanche search finds body


Updated 21:15  Lake Geneva area, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Snow fell steadily throughout all of western Switzerland, including Geneva, early 12 February. Traffic was clogged throughout the Lake Geneva region, and in much of the area the secondary roads were closed. Trains from Chatelard in Switzerland towards Mont Blanc (Montroc-la-Planet) in France have been stopped until […]

Snow disrupts Swiss road and rail traffic Saturday, avalanche danger grows


Swiss Alpine areas (GenevaLunch) – Heavy snow, up to a metre in 24 hours in the San Bernardino area, is disrupting traffic in parts of Switzerland Saturday morning. The A13 autoroute and cantonal road in the San Bernardino area have been closed due to the danger of avalanches. The Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche […]