Lucie’s murder: cantonal authorities did their job, judge rules

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The cantonal prison authorities carried out their duties in line with the law and following standard practice, a judge in canton Aargau has ruled, in the case of the murderer of 16-year-old Lucie T in March 2009 in Rieden, Aargau. The father of the young woman from Fribourg, who was working as […]

Swiss trader loses typo case over millions, to JP Morgan

GENEVA. SWITZERLAND – A Swiss-based currency trader, Kai H, lost a case Monday 26 March where he claimed investment bank JP Morgan owed him millions. He sought 10 times what the bank said it promised to pay him when it hired him in 2010. The trader filed the claim in London’s Queens Court division of […]

French high court rules Geneva HSBC bank data theft cannot be used

PARIS, FRANCE / GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The French high court (Cours de cassation) in Paris published a ruling Tuesday 31 January that data stolen in 2007 from British bank HSBC in Geneva by its employee Hervé Falciani cannot be used by French tax authorities because it was illegally obtained. Falciani turned over the list of […]

Swiss high court says more noise checks needed for windmill park

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss high court in Lausanne has ruled against the upper house of parliament and the canton Valais high court over the question of how much noise a windmill park will make. A resident of Collonges, in Valais, who has tried to stop the Dents du Midi aeolian project from going ahead […]

Google Street View appeals Swiss ban on faces (update)

Next door, major French publishers sue Google for illegally copying millions of books View Larger Map Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Google says, as was widely expected, it will now appeal an April Swiss court ruling that upheld a ban on Google Street View showing faces and vehicle license plates. The court had suggested that Google […]

Irish bank director disqualified for “gross negligence”

Jim Lacey, a former National Irish Bank (NIB) director, has been disqualified for “gross negligence” and “various breaches of duty”, with a high court judge finding that “his conduct made him unfit to be concerned in the management of a company”. The ruling followed an investigation of 10 years of the bank’s activities, with the […]

Google to argue for equal treatment over street images


Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A Swiss high court today will hear the case for Google’s widely popular Street Views, which have been the subject of a legal tangle in Switzerland almost since the company began publishing them in August 2009. The court will  have a full house for the 10:00 hearing, with all seats reserved. […]

British court must decide on foster parents, religion

A British court will be watched closely when it decides the case of a couple, Eunice and Owen Johns, who 1 November took the Darby City Council to court over its refusal to allow them to be foster parents because of their strong fundamentalist Christian beliefs and their insistence that foster children must attend church […]

Bellinzona tribunal clears Vekelsberg, cancels CHF40m fine

Bellinzona, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Victor Vekselberg, Russian billionaire who was fined CHF40 million by the Swiss Federal Finance department in December 2009, has won his appeal to a Swiss high court, the federal criminal court in Bellinzona, canton Ticino. Vekselberg and two directors of his company Renova had been fined for failing to provide Swiss […]

Texas Hold’em banned outside casinos

Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Put down your cards, fellas, for the Texas Hold’em game is over in Switzerland, outside of casinos. The game is the rare variety of poker that’s been allowed outside casinos, but a series of court cases has just ended with a decision restricting where the game can be played. The judges […]