Belgian school ski bus catches fire at entrance to Gotthard

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The motor of a Belgian bus carrying 45 passengers, including 38 school children on a ski trip to Italy caught fire just before the entrance to the Gotthard tunnel, en route from Gotthard to Göschenen, Tuesday 8 January at 05:00, but the driver was able to park in the emergency lane and evacuate […]

Hong Kong ferry crash leaves 36 dead

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A dusk crash between a ferry and another passenger vessel near the island of Lumma Monday 1 October has left 36 people dead and 100 people hospitalized but the search for survivors continues. The cause of the crash, close to and southwest of Hong Kong, is not known, but authorities will be […]

Reminder: Jeûne genevois today

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – For those not in Geneva, this is a reminder that Thursday 6 September is the Jeûne genevois holiday, with schools and local businesses closed. It’s also a popular long weekend for the many people who manage to take Friday off work. Plum tarts are the specialty of the day in the canton, […]

Reminder: Monday holiday in much of Switzerland

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Monday is the Pentecost holiday in Switzerland, with most cantons offering workers the flexibility of taking the day off or not. Some shops and businesses will remain open, but many are closed for a three-day weekend.

Why Genevans are online and not at work today


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – We forgot to warn you that if all your Geneva buddies are hanging out on Facebook today and no one is answering the phone at work in Geneva it’s because this is the Jeûne genevois, the traditional day when Geneva remembers the repression against Protestants (not the same as repressed Protestants). The […]

Holiday weekend in Switzerland: sun back, duty free, Valais wines


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A note to GenevaLunch visitors: the four-day Ascension weekend taken by many Swiss businesses has begun. The cold rainy weather will give way to warmer temperatures and partly sunny skies starting Thursday 2 June. This is a popular holiday for travelling inside Switzerland, so traffic will be heavy frequently, not just during […]

Wikipedia sorts out the Immaculate Conception

I grew up Catholic, had religion courses regularly in Catholic schools, but somehow I always fell asleep, it seems, when they explained the feast of the Immaculate Conception. I never could work out how Mary conceived Jesus in early December and had him in late December. Or did he bake in the Mama oven for […]

Plum pie: that annual Geneva favourite (French lesson included!)

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – (Video link included) Some dishes are simply delicious; others we love because of the memories they evoke. It’s not always easy to fall in love with the specialties in a country where you didn’t grow up. I’ve always loved American apple pie and I have a certain amount of fame in […]

Reminder: holiday in much of Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Lake Geneva region is taking a long weekend, with most businesses closed Monday 24 May. Much of the rest of Switzerland also takes Pentecost (Whit) Monday as a holiday, although canton Valais does not. Check out today’s weather at the top of the GenevaLunch home page, and the five-day forecast […]

It’s a holiday in Switzerland


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Reminder to readers from outside the country (or visitors who are surprised to find shops closed): Thursday 13 May is a holiday in Switzerland and much of Europe. Some shops and businesses are open Friday 14 May, but this varies according to location. Tip: if you’re looking for food because you […]