Geneva, Lausanne hospital teams research to change world IC care

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Better nutrition for the most at-risk patients needing tube-feeding (EN, or enteral nutrition) in intensive care in hospitals plays a key role in avoiding what can be deadly infections, Swiss medical researchers have shown. Work published Thursday 6 December in the British medical journal Lancet and online 3 December, by a research […]

Border workers given year of grace by France over insurance


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – French residents who work in Switzerland have been given a reprieve on paying into the national social security system, by the French government. The Groupement transfrontalier européen (GTE) in Annemasse was told Monday morning by a Socialist minister that Marisol Touraine, minister for social affairs, has decided to leave the deadline at 31 May […]

ICRC scales down what was its largest operation: Pakistan

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The International Red Cross (ICRC) statement 28 August was startling in its simplicity: “Most of our relief and protection activities in Pakistan, including visits to detainees, come to an end.” The organization says it is making the decision to dramatically scale down what was, in 2011, one of the largest ICRC operations […]

Circumcision debate heats up after St Gallen, Zurich decisions

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Israeli media were quick to react to a decision last week by children’s hospitals in St Gallen and Zurich to suspend circumcision for newborns when there is not a medical reason for it, but Swiss reaction has been slower. Circumcision is not carried out routinely in Swiss hospitals, but parents have been […]

100,000 fewer animals used for experiments in 2011


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland saw a sharp drop in the number of animals used for experiments in 2011, down 13 percent from a year earlier, federal statistics show. Switzerland used some 2 million animals for medical and cosmetic experiments in the early 1980s; the number has fallen to under 700,000 in 2011, with far tighter […]

Blood donors needed! HUG drive in Geneva Thursday


Transfusion Centre seeks new donors to boost supplies GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva’s transfusion centre at the Hug university hospitals is holding a blood drive Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 June, to mark World Blood Donor day Thursday. The centre takes 100 units a day from donors, but one-third more is needed to cover the […]

Google’s eyes on Switzerland: high court softens the rules


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Total anonymity is taking data protection too far, the Swiss Federal Tribunal (supreme court) ruled Friday morning, easing the rules for Google Street View. The court nevertheless laid down strict guidelines for the search engine firm. Google’s Daniel Schoenberger, head of legal affairs for Switzerland, says the company is pleased with the ruling’s […]

Geneva hospital gets its own Hollywood Boulevard

International Hand Hygiene Day at HUGlywood Boulevard

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – To celebrate World Hand Hand Hygiene Day, the Geneva University Hospital (HUG) is finding inspiration from Hollywood to create its own “hand hygiene boulevard”  Monday 7 May. The HUG says its goal is to alert the public, patients and its own staff to the dangers of infections contracted at hospital and the […]

Valais has second A9 deadly accident this week


Accident just 24km from Sion, where injured children, families were being prepared to fly to Belgium GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It has been a particularly deadly week on Swiss roads, and canton Valais, still reeling from the Sierre autoroute tunnel crash Tuesday that killed 28 people, had a second fatal accident on the A9 Friday, bringing […]

A glimmer of hope in the bus crash sadness, as 8 children go home to Belgium


Swiss government to review safety of tunnel pullover emergency areas GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Eight of the children injured in the 13 March bus crash in Sierre, canton Valais, that killed 28 people are heading home in specially-equipped planes, police said in a statement issued Thursday evening. They were discreetly taken to say goodbye to their […]