Zurich mayor sheds US passport


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Zurich’s mayor has become the latest celebrity in Switzerland to have the US Embassy in Bern punch holes in her passport as she gives up her US citizenship. Corinne Mauch, 52, was born in Iowa City, Iowa with dual Swiss-US citizenship, and she spent her early years in the Midwest. She has […]

Florence’s 1950s tuna noodle casserole (recipe)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Here’s my version of our family recipe for the classic American 1950′s dish that we, as Catholics who didn’t eat meat on Friday, often had that night of the week. When you watch Mad Men, remember that in Iowa we were sitting around the table eating this. We bought our first TV […]

Florence Lonergan Wallace, born 26 January 1912 in Iowa

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – My mother would have been 100 today and although she isn’t with us (she lived to a fine age of 95), my three sisters and I are sharing old family photos that Jeanne, the oldest, had scanned and sent to us all on CDs. They live in three states and I live […]

Iowans give Republicans presidential leader, more or less

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Mitt Romney is the winner, but by a skinny margin of eight votes in the Iowa Republican caucus Tuesday 3 January. The five candidates proved mainly that the Republicans do not yet have a candidate that can safely be called their leader, with Romney and Rick Santorum each getting 25 percent, Ron […]

Iowa’s quadrennial day of fame is here: first hint on candidates

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Iowa’s voters, in the heart of the US, are making a number of political decisions today in caucuses held by Democrats and Republicans. The most significant votes, for the rest of the world, are the stated preferences for US presidential candidates. The caucuses are basically meetings held in precincts throughout the state, […]

Iowa youth stars on growing up with gay parents

Zach Wahl, a 19-year-old engineering student in Iowa, is quickly becoming a YouTube star following his testimony in Des Moines, at the state capitol, about growing up as the child of a lesbian couple, one of the country’s first test-tube babies of a lesbian mother. Wahl made a passionate plea for lawmakers to not approve […]

US health care bill inches forward with Senate vote

US Senate Republicans failed Wednesday 2 February in their bid to repeal the healthcare act that was passed in March 2010, as expected, but before the vote the lawmakers passed an amendment to reduce the healthcare plan’s paperwork for companies. The law, a key part of President Obama’s reforms, will provide coverage to 30 million […]

IBM goes to Dubuque to (it’s true!) create new jobs

Bucking a trend is how Reuters puts it: while the rest of the technology industry appears to be focusing on job cuts – Dell is considering reducing its work force by 1,500 early retirements it announced Wednesday – IBM is setting up a new computer support centre with 1,300 employees in the heart of the […]

Confessions of a Playboy sneak

Bettie Page has died and she made the front page of the New York Times. To be honest, if you’d just given me her name I would have given you a blank stare. But the minute I saw her picutre, I remembered Bettie, born Betty Mae Page in Tennessee. She was more than just a […]