Introduction to Swiss wines, guided visit to Vinea

International judge, writer and Swiss wine specialist makes your Vinea visit easier GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Join GenevaLunch editor and Swiss wine specialist Ellen Wallace for a personalized  introduction to Switzerland’s fine wines during a 70-minute visit Saturday 1 September to the beautiful outdoor Vinea Swiss wines fair, in cooperation with Vinea: The CHF60 fee will […]

Stanford gets 111 years, slightly fewer than Madoff

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Big spender Texan Allen Stanford had his day in court, and it wasn’t a good one for him. But the middle income clients who say he fleeced them of their limited wealth appeared happy with the judge’s sentence: 110 years in prison for fraud, without the possibility of parole. Stanford, who led […]

Man who attacked Sion judge over “Luca” saga identified

Le Nouvelliste says man has been under medical care for psychiatric problems SION, SWITZERLAND – A Sion judge was attacked and suffered multiple injuries Saturday night 28 January in the city centre. Le Nouvelliste reported Monday morning that a man who has been under medical treatment and who suffers severe psychiatric problems has been arrested […]

Geneva’s councillor to go before judge over New Year’s disco falling-out

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A fight or an argument? Pushes and shoves or verbal abuse or just heated words? A Geneva judge will have the task in early February of deciding whose word to believe: Mark Muller, Geneva cantonal council member or the bartender at the Moulin dance hall, concerning what really happened in the early […]

Cricket cheating sentences: go to the source

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – I don’t follow cricket and couldn’t explain more than the basics about bowling no-balls, but I’m feeling very sad for Pakistan and cricket-lovers everywhere today. One of them lives in my house, so perhaps I’m more aware of the story than the average non-fan. Three of the sport’s top players, including one […]

World media jump on Knox, Sollecito release

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Media in the Italy, Britain and the US are heavily covering the release from prison of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, following the judge’s decision in Italy to overturn their murder convictions in the November 2007 death of Meredith Kercher. Coverage of the trial and release continue to follow national lines, with […]

Basel woman who killed husband in game goes free

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – A 32-year-old woman who shot her husband in March 2011 was found guilty of homicide by negligence and sent home without sentencing. The judge declared she had suffered enough in losing her husband. She shot her husband in their apartment while he was showing her how to handle the gun, of which […]

Strauss-Kahn cleared of all charges in criminal case (update)

Update 23:45  GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The rape charges in criminal court against former IMF (International Monetary Fund) head Dominique Strauss-Kahn have been dropped: an appeals court refused to appoint a special prosecutor, allowing a judge’s decision to drop charges, earlier in the day 23 August, to go ahead. The prosecution had requested that charges be […]

DSK’s “not guilty” sets stage for long court battle

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s not guilty plea in a New York court Monday 6 June has opened the door to a long court case in the US, with a possible 25 years in prison as the outcome, according to US legal experts cited by several American media. DSK, as the former head of the […]

Irish bank director disqualified for “gross negligence”

Jim Lacey, a former National Irish Bank (NIB) director, has been disqualified for “gross negligence” and “various breaches of duty”, with a high court judge finding that “his conduct made him unfit to be concerned in the management of a company”. The ruling followed an investigation of 10 years of the bank’s activities, with the […]