Ecuador to decide on Assange asylum request

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Ecuador is expected to announce Thursday 21 June the fate of WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange who requested political asylum after taking refuge in the country’s London embassy earlier this week. President Rafael Correa will make the government’s decision public Thursday regarding Assange’s application for asylum, deputy foreign minister Marco Albuja told the Australian […]

Assange could be in Sweden by end of June

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Julian Assange, Australian founder of WikiLeaks, could be in Sweden by the end of June after he lost his request to have his extradition case reopened. Sweden requested his extradition more than two years ago for hearings in a case where two women accused him of sexual misconduct. A UK court agreed […]

PostFinance’s restrictions will extend beyond Americans in June

Americans must already sign papers they are tax-compliant BERN, SWITZERLAND – The new head of the financial arm of SwissFinance, Hansruedi Koeng, told Le Temps newspaper (registration required) in an article published 17 April that the bank will start requiring all non-Swiss account holders to sign a paper stating that the funds in their accounts […]

Assange extradition to Sweden approved

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, 2 November lost his high court appeal to avoid extradition to Sweden. His lawyers say they will decide in the next 14 days whether or not to appeal to Britain’s supreme court. Assange is wanted by Sweden for questioning over charges of sexual assault filed by two […]

Assange remains under house arrest after London hearing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Julian Assange, publisher of WikiLeaks, will remain under house arrest in the UK for the time being, following British High Court hearing in London into his case which adjourned Wednesday with no decision. The judges have not said when they will decide whether or not he may be extradited to Sweden. A […]

Julian Assange will appeal judge’s extradition ruling

Smaller crowds turned out for Julian Assange’s extradition judgement today in south London than have been present for his other recent appearances, the BBC notes 24 February. The judge’s decision to allow Assange to be extradited to Sweden to face investigations into sexual assault charges against the founder of WikiLeaks was a foregone conclusion, Assange […]

Rudolf Elmer, Swiss WikiLeaks banker, loses appeal


Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Rudolf Elmer, the former Bank Julius Baer employee who famously appeared with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks two days before his trial in Zurich for theft and threatening his former employer, has had one of his appeals turned down, his lawyer has told Swiss media in a press release. He was convicted […]

Assange: to extradite or not, that is the question

A judge in the UK today begins hearing the case for extraditing Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, to Sweden. The hearing is expected to end Tuesday, but with judgement reserved until later in February. Assange’s lawyers argue that he should not be extradited because Sweden wants him for questioning in relationship to two charges of […]

Bank WikiLeaks contributor Elmer has his day in court

Admits he sent anonymous threats to former employer (TSR video, Fr) Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Rudolf Elmer, famously photographed with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange five days ago in London at a press conference, appeared in court in Zurich Wednesday morning to face several charges of threats against his former Swiss bank employer and theft of […]

Julius Baer nemesis reborn as Assange pal (update)

Update 18 January  Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was back in the headlines Monday 17 January with a much-publicized appearance with publicity-keen former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer, who turned over to Assange, at a press conference in London, some 2,000 files with what he says are private bank account details. Elmer goes […]