Sweet dreams and rest well, for tomorrow we’ll have a storm


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Lake Geneva was at its winter finest at sunset Thursday, from Lausanne to Geneva, with the kind of beautiful skies that often come before a storm system moves in. Weather forecast Click on images to view larger

A weathery kind of week dampens Switzerland


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss national weather service, MeteoSwiss, said Wednesday morning 5 December that the storms of the past few days have brought a mix of winds, snow and rain with heavy precipitation to much of Switzerland. The Jura and the north slopes of the Alps had 30-45 litres per m2 Monday night and […]

Rebuilding a Church in Lavancia-Epercy

Lavancia-Épercy, France – What could be finer than watching a snowstorm rolling in over the Jura while helping friends clear out rubble from the 19th century church they are slowly rehabbing? This is where I found myself last Saturday, surrounded by good cheer and the smell of meat roasting on an open fire.

Fraiche Air, power walking, Jura hikes and seasonal outdoor fun

Fraiche Air has a great calendar of English-language events and activities for anyone who wants to get out and move, whether power-walking in Nyon, rafting in the Alps or snowshoeing in the Jura. They feature small group adventures year-round in the Jura and Alps as well as nearby trails, a good range of outdoor activities, […]

Northern Switzerland battered by strong winds, local heavy hail


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The north of Switzerland suffered from strong winds during the night of Thursday-Friday, with gusts in Schaffhausen, north of Zurich, reaching 115kph and Délémont, near the French border, reaching 98kph. Meteoswiss, the national weather service, reports that the worst-hit areas were the Three Lakes region, ajoie and the northern stretch of the […]

Swiss-French anti-crime communications network set up

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – French security forces and their Swiss counterparts in bordering cantons reported Wednesday 4 July the establishment of a communications network to improve the fight against cross-border crime. Cantonal police in Jura, Valais, Neuchatel and Vaud signed an agreement with their French counterparts to enhance the transmission of information about crimes committed across […]

Solar Impulse flying over Jura, France en route to Morocco

Solar-powered plane makes first intercontinental flight, must pass over Pyrenees LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse, the elegant airplane powered only by solar cells, left Payerne shortly before 08:30 Thursday 24 May, and headed towards the Jura and into France. Pilot André Borschberg expects to land this evening, after midnight, at Madrid Barajas Airport where the […]

1774 Arbois Vin Jaune up for auction in Geneva

Vin Jaune, a master’s palette for the palate BERN, SWITZERLAND – Eight generations of the Vercel family in Arbois, France, across the Jura mountains, have held onto a 1774 bottle of the region’s famed Vin Jaune, storing it in the family’s vaulted underground cellar. Now the 87-centilitre bottle, with its typical Burgundian rounded belly and […]

Thief arrested after 20 breakins while families at funerals

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 50-year-old Swiss man from the Jura was arrested in March, canton Vaud police announced 4 April, during a break-in in Delemont, while the family was off at a funeral. Police had been tracking him since January after a number of thefts, mainly of money and jewelry, that followed announcements in newspapers […]

Weekend ski and winter sports report: 23-25 March


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – This is our last official report for the season, with flowers coming out and trees budding on the Swiss plains. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to stop skiing, and if we spot anything of special interest, we’ll post it on GenevaLunch. See details below for the big x-treme event […]