Somali kidnappers demand ransom for French woman’s remains

France announced that 66-year-old Marie Dedieu, who was kidnapped on October 1 from her beach house in Kenya, and taken to Somalia, has died in the hands of her captors, most probably because they had refused to provide her medication. The kidnappers seem to have tried to sell the remains. “It could not be more […]

French woman, kidnapped in Kenya, dies in Somalia

PARIS, FRANCE – The French foreign ministry has announced the death of Marie Dedieu, 66, who was kidnapped the night of 30 September from her home on the small island of Manda, then taken to Somalia. Dedieu, who used a wheelchair, was taking medication to treat a cardiac problem and cancer; the wheelchair and the […]

Two MSF workers kidnapped at Kenya’s Dabaab refugee camp, driver shot


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Two women, Medecin Sans Frontieres (MSF) staff, were kidnapped at 13:20 Thursday 13 October from the Ifo extension area of the Dadaab refugee complex in Kenya. Their driver is undergoing urgent medical treatment after being shot. Dadaab is the world’s largest refugee camp, with 463,739 Somali refugees, more than 190,000 of whom […]

Jolie asked to take on new refugees role as Somalia blast kills 70

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie at the annual meeting of the refugee agency's governing body.

Special envoy Joli can help draw attention to “some of the world’s most difficult refugee situations” GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Actress Angelina Jolie was asked Tuesday 4 October by the head of the UN refugee organization UNHCR to take on a new role as special envoy, in the wake of several new emergency refugee situations this […]

Kidnapped: French woman’s release fails, US woman released in Philippines

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The rescue of a French woman kidnapped last week in Kenya failed Saturday 1 October and 2 Kenyan Navy officers died in the attempt. In the Philippines, there was good news as Filipino-American Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann was released early Monday 3 October after two months. Abu-Sayyaf rebels still hold her 14-year-old son […]

Petrol pipeline fire kills more than 100 in Nairobi poor area

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A petrol pipeline burst in Nairobi, Kenya’s poor and  heavily populated Embakasi area, and the fire that spread rapidly burned to death more than 100 people, with numbers continuing to rise. Homes were built up against the pipeline, according to the Guardian. The pipeline runs between the city centre and the airport […]

Ikea makes largest private donation ever to UN, Kenyan refugee camp

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Ikea Foundation has donated $62 million to the UN refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya, working with the UNHCR. The camp, which is a focal point for Somalians fleeing fighting, drought and famine, now hosts 440,000 refugees from Somalia, 152,000 of whom have arrived this year. “The donation, which will be staggered […]

UN: Situation in Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda could get worse (video)

AFRICA – An unnamed UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s representative in Kenya has said to the Associated Press that the situation in Somalia could become “simply unbearable” in the coming weeks if people continue to abandon their homes in search of food. The food crisis in the Horn of Africa is escalating, with 12 million […]

UN refugee group calls for $136.3m in urgent funds for Somalis

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The UN High Commissioner for Refugees FRiday 8 July called on governments and other donors to come up with $136.3 million in emergency funds to help the rapidly growing number of Somali refugees. The funds should cover the needs of some 90,000 new refugees heading to Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. They are fleeing […]

UNHCR warns 1/4 of Somalians displaced, malnutrition “worst in decades”

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, is flying to Ethiopia for a two-day inspection of one of the areas where Somalis are fleeing: 25 percent of the population of 7.5 million is now displaced, the UNHCR warns, with 54,000 people fleeing violence compounded by severe drought, in June alone. Most […]