Geneva, Lausanne hospital teams research to change world IC care

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Better nutrition for the most at-risk patients needing tube-feeding (EN, or enteral nutrition) in intensive care in hospitals plays a key role in avoiding what can be deadly infections, Swiss medical researchers have shown. Work published Thursday 6 December in the British medical journal Lancet and online 3 December, by a research […]

Developing countries should fight the flab, OECD says

The increase in rates of overweight and obese people in middle-income countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and China, is worrying health experts who say that taking measures now would be more cost-effective than when rates have reached rich-country proportions. A study by the OECD published in The Lancet 11 November comes to the conclusion that […]

New treatment could prevent 6 million malaria cases a year

One-third of African babies could avoid becoming ill with malaria with a new treatment method against the disease, according to the authors of a study published 17 September in the Lancet. By giving young uninfected children doses of the traditional anti-malarial drugs on a regular, but not continuous basis, the children build up their immunity […]

UK “one of the worst countries in Europe for measles”

The BBC and EurActiv reported Friday that concerns are growing in Europe over possible measles epidemics. There were more measles in Britain in 2008, even before high numbers for December were recorded, than in any year for the past 12. The medical journal Lancet said that in 2006-07 most measles cases in Europe were in […]