Good search tool for e-books from Lausanne

The Lausanne area continues to turn up interesting young companies and ventures, one of which is Bookapp, a joint venture between Frederic Kaplan who founded  Ozwé and Laurent Bolli, co-founder of Bread and Butter. People in Lausanne are forever climbing hills, which probably leads them to look for convenient shortcuts. Bookapp has developed a simple […]

Vaud police arrest drunk driver without license after high-speed chase

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A high-speed chase Monday 9 April at 17:00 that started near Gros-de-Vaud in canton Vaud, with the cars getting  up to 200kph, ended in Echallens in front of a parking lot with the arrest of the 24-year-old Swiss driver. His companion was taken in for questioning and released once it was clear […]

Morges-Ecublens A1 bottleneck back, 5-16 July

Lausanne, Switzerland ( – The old A1 autoroute bottleneck around Lausanne, between Morges and Ecublens, is back for 11 days. Road repairs are reducing traffic to two lanes in each direction, limited to 80 kph, starting Monday 5 July. The roadworks are expected to cause 15-20 minute delays in either direction, according to the highway […]