Swiss weekend winter sports and weather: 15-17 February 2013


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Snow followed by sun with temperatures remaining cold enough for the snow to stay: a good skiing weekend is promised by the national weather service, MeteoSwiss. Expect snow to continue in Alpine areas until Friday afternoon, gradually clearing skies and sunshine for Saturday through Monday. Temperatures will range from lows of -4 […]

GL travel writer gives hitchhiking tips to Chinese

Liam Bates, who has occasionally contributed to GenevaLunch for the past four years as a travel writer, is interviewed in English Tuesday 22 March by China Daily about the art of hitchhiking in China. “Smile” is the first tip, as he recounts his travels across the country. GenevaLunch readers will recognize him as one of […]

Chinese water maze doesn’t dampen spirits

I was in China for the finals of the Chinese Bridges international competition for university students of Chinese in early August. I was amazed by the language and drama skills of the top 12, who performed to an audience of 100 million TV viewers. But I’d only heard about, hadn’t seen, one of the pre-finals […]

Vaud youth wins eloquence award at Chinese “American Idol”


One of top three in international Chinese language competition [Video]Changsha, Hunan Province, China ( – Li-mu, aka Liam Bates in his home country of Switzerland, was handed the special award for eloquence in Chinese during the hugely popular finals of the annual Chinese Bridge competition in Changsha Sunday night 8 August. The Chinese Bridge final, […]

Lhasa to Shanghai on a motorbike on Beijing’s Global Times

Kudos to what is now known as the tenthousandmiles (Mao, Motorbikes and a Yak) team, putting together a documentary on their adventures riding from Lhasa in Tibet to Shanghai on motorcycles: Global Times in Beijing has just published a feature article on them. GenevaLunch hosted an event in September 2009 with Liam Bates talking about […]

China’s Next Generation: a 7,000km adventure on motorbikes


Title: China’s Next Generation: a 7,000km adventure on motorbikes Location: Webster University, Bellevue, Geneva Description: In June 2009 four young men from Switzerland, Brazil, Tibet and Eastern China completed a 7,000 km journey across China on motorcycles – through the Himalayas, Mongolian grasslands and into the densely populated Eastern coast, talking to young people about their changing […]

Interview: Swiss student gives Chinese TV crowds a taste of their country


Update: Liam won third place in the 2010 competition Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Liam Bates arrived home to the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland from China 28 July with more than the six-month scholarship he won from the Chinese government as a finalist in its international university competition for Mandarin speakers: he had a broken […]

Tsering Shakya, top expert on Tibet, on country’s youth

Republished with permission Liam Bates, from Saint Prex, Vaud, who attends the University of British Columbia in Canada, contributes feature and travel articles to GenevaLunch. In mid-March 2009 he won a speech contest sponsored by the Chinese government, “Chinese Bridge,” to find the best Chinese speaker among Canadian university students. In August 2009 he competes […]

(flipping video) Stretching the meaning of stretching

I thought I might be sensible and do a couple minutes on the stationary bicycle, a few stretching exercises – the kind of thing you should do regularly if you spend too much time in front of the computer, right? And then this came in from GenevaLunch contributor Liam Bates, in Vancouver, ouch: