Swiss parliament approves “confidential” report on Syria grenades

US signs arms deal with Saudi Arabia, as Swiss approve tighter controls BERN, SWITZERLAND – A “confidential” report by the government explaining how hand grenades sold to Saudi Arabia were passed on to Jordan and from there to Syria where they were used this summer in that country’s civil war was accepted Monday 12 November […]

Nearly CHF1b of Arab spring dictators’ funds blocked by Swiss

Returning assets to the people is a priority, says ambassador GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – More than CHF1 billion in assets linked to the regimes of dictators who fell during the Arab spring, as well as Syrian assets, have been frozen and it’s a priority for these to be returned to the countries, Ambassador Valentin Zellweger, who […]

French spy Qaddafi killing rumours continue to build

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Stories that appeared in Sunday British and Italian print media, that Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi was killed by a French spy, are growing, following the death of a 22-year-old Libyan who reportedly died in a French hospital Monday after being beaten up by Qadaffi supporters. Ben Omran Shaaban, who died in hospital […]

Libyan video footage reported to show efforts to save Stevens

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – allAfrica reports from Tunis that video footage posted on the internet shows Libyans trying to save US Ambassador Chris Stevens, still alive, from a smoke-engulfed embassy building in Benghazi, Libya 11 September. The report says the video has been “authenticated” because his face is visible and the clothes are the same as […]

US embassy protests against anti-Muslim film spread

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Hundreds of protesters stormed the US Embassy in Yemen and a second wave tried to reach the US Embassy in Cairo a day after a first protest there, against an amateur film mocking Islam, filmed in the US. A group of Egyptian ministers has asked the Obama administration to take action against […]

ICRC’s Libyan residence attacked, no injuries

Fifth attack directed at Red Cross in 3 months GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The International Committee for the Red Cross, ICRC, has suspended all work in two major Libyan cities following an attack on its residence in Misrata “with various kinds of heavy weaponry”, the Geneva-based group said Monday 6 August. This is the fifth time […]

Canada, US investigations of SNC-Lavalin top man leads to his arrest

Canadians had own investigation, but Swiss reportedly asked for help over money laundering and corruption ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Riadh Ben Aissa was arrested in Switzerland sometime in the past few days, but it’s not yet clear what charges are faced by the former head of global construction SNC-Lavalin, a large Canadian company. The company has […]

Widening crisis in Mali sees country split as rebels gain force

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rebel forces in Northern Mali advanced their control over vast areas in an effort to consolidate a Saharan state, taking advantage of the political upheaval left  from last month’s military coup in the capital, Bamako. The fighters are an alliance of Touareg and Islamic rebels seeking to establish a homeland for the […]

One year of Syrian battles: refugees, calls for land mine ban, athletes to London

The continuing fighting in Syria is creating a host of complex problems GENEVA,  SWITZERLAND – March marks one year of fighting in Syria, with reports 14 March that government forces are heavily bombarding the northern city of Idlib, near the border with Turkey. The incessant fighting between government forces and insurgents is sending a growing […]

Tinners finally charged in nuclear secrets case, after 8 years

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The news comes as something of an anti-climax after 8 years in the making: the two Tinner brothers and their 74-year-old father are being charged with breaking Swiss arms export laws. They were part of an operation run by Pakistani Abdul Qadeer Khan, who supplied nuclear parts and secrets to a network […]