Crystal Cathedral founding family, Schullers, leave board

GARDEN CITY, CALIFORNIA – The Crystal Cathedral church, famous for its hugely popular “Hour of Power” broadcasts, has been involved for months in an acrimonious dispute between the family of founder Robert Schuller and the rest of the international board. Saturday 10 March he and his wife Arvella resigned, saying that the situation had become […]

French silent film “The Artist” leaves Oscar world speechless

Or nearly, for Hollywood does like to gush GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Only the second silent film to win since Oscar became the film industry’s most coveted award, back in 1929 (the year of the first silent winner) and the first non-Anglo-Saxon world film ever to win top prize for a full-length film: France’s “The Artist” […]

Songstress Whitney Houston, 48, dies in Beverly Hills hotel

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The tributes poured in as the music world gathered to celebrate the annual Grammy awards, only to learn that hours before singer Whitney Houston had died. The 48-year-old singer was found dead in her hotel room Saturday afternoon 11 February by her bodyguard. Police say there was no sign of criminal involvement […]

Los Angeles arson suspect also wanted in Germany

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 24-year-old German man arrested in Los Angeles has been charged with 37 counts of arson in relation to a spate of more than 50 fires, mostly cars, in the past week. Harry Burkhardt is also wanted in Germany on suspicion of arson in Neukirchen, near Frankfurt: the family home burned down […]

It’s a looooong way to Zurich airport from Philadelphia

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – US Airways flight 710 landed in Zurich shortly before 15:00 Thursday afternoon 23 June, six-and-a-half hours late, but the passengers weren’t sitting in an airport waiting to leave. The 197 passengers circled above Chester country, around the Philadelphia airport, for more than three hours Wednesday night, spending fuel. Shortly after takeoff the […]

Elizabeth Taylor, screen star, Aids activist, dies in LA

Elizabeth Taylor, whose called Gstaad, Switzerland a second home, died in Los Angeles Wednesday, age 79, of congestive heart failure. She soared to fame in 1944 as the violet-eyed beauty in the film National Velvet at age 12, but she starred in numerous other films, including the critically acclaimed Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She […]

China allows yuan trading in USA

The Bank of China, one of four state-owned banks, has allowed limited trading in renminbi, China’s currency, in its New York and Los Angeles branches since the end of 2010. Trading in the yuan, as one unit of the currency is called, has only been possible in Hong Kong and will be limited to $3,000 […]

Samuel Cohen dies, invented neutron bomb

Samuel Cohen, a physist who invented the neutron bomb in 1958, died of stomach cancer in Los Angeles 29 November. He was 89. Cohen invented the neutron bomb after visiting Korea in 1951 and seeing the widespread destruction to property by the war. The neutron bomb was designed to be launched by air or by […]

New wrinkle in Polanski saga: poor communication in US justice system

Bern, Switzerland ( – News agency AP has obtained a copy of a letter sent 12 July by the Swiss government to the US embassy in Bern, pointing out that the main reason a request by the US justice officials to extradite director Roman Polanski was turned down was that the US did not provide […]

Celebrity deaths that send us healthcare messages

GenevaLunch covers little celebrity news because we don’t think this is why most of our readers (70,000+ mainly news pages viewed a month) follow us. They’re looking for local or regional news or world news that has an impact on them. And boosting our site traffic with yet more stories about Michael Jackson isn’t part […]