Wrestling dropped from Olympics, but has 2020 Games chance

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Wrestling has been dropped as an Olympic sport, the IOC announced Tuesday – but it will have a chance to be part of the 2020 Olympic Games, the location of which has not yet been decided. The IOC dumped wrestling Tuesday and has reportedly also been reviewing Taekwondo and modern Pentathlon as […]

Max the stork’s journey ends at Madrid winter retreat

Max mating back in March 2011 at that time she reencountered her old mate of five seasons but still had a newer love interest - Photo ©H.Burgermeister

SPAIN, SWITZERLAND - Max, the Swiss-born stork who is the longest banded and tracked animal in the world, has died at 13.5 years of age in her winter retreat in Spain, said the Natural History Museum of Fribourg (NHM) on 27 October. Although investigators knew most details of Max’s life, the cause of death cannot be determined […]

Swiss animals in the news: Max and Enea


BASEL, SWITZERLAND – Enea, a 7-year-old gorilla born in Zurich but who joined the Basel Zoo in 2011, died 26 November following an infection. The popular gorilla, who got along well with the other animals, was put to sleep when it became clear that she was in great pain and her health was worsening. The […]

European austerity measures announced, violent protests in Spain, Greece

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Decisions to step up austerity measures were announced this week in Spain and Greece, reigniting protests which turned violent, in the countries’ capitals. On Thursday, the Spanish government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced an aggressive package of austerity measures, including spending cuts of €40 billion for the 2013 national budget. This […]

Solar Impulse sails over the Med to Morocco


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Bertrand Piccard rose and sailed away through the air from Madrid at 05:20 Tuesday morning 5 June in Solar Impulse’s first overseas flight, powered only by the sun. You can follow the flight live on the Solar Impulse site, with Piccard’s conversations with the team on the ground and interviews with journalists. […]

Solar Impulse heads for Morocco Tuesday, weather permitting

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND -Bertrand Piccard is scheduled to fly Solar Impulse, entirely solar-powered airplane, to Rabat-Salé in Morocco Tuesday 5 June, if the weather holds. He will take off at 05:30 from Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain, where the plane has been on a technical layover since it landed last week. The prototype plane is expected to […]

Solar Impulse pilot clocks extraordinary 18 hours to Madrid


Swiss pioneering plane hosted by Morocco as construction begins on world’s largest thermo-solar power plant LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – André Borschberg flew Solar Impulse for 17h 3min 59s Thursday 24 May, to land the experimental solar plane at Madrid’s Barajas airport. He flew from the Payerne aerodrome in Switzerland over the Massif Central towards the city […]

Geneva to become world capital in fight against death penalty

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The International Commission Against the Death Penalty (ICDP), established in Madrid one year ago by the Spanish government with strong support from Switzerland, is moving its head office to Geneva next week, the group has announced. The move coincides with World Day Against the Day Penalty 11 October, which will be highlighted […]

Nadal loses on clay! Djokovic sends Grand Slam warning

International sports, Madrid Masters tennis Madrid, Spain (GenevaLunch) – Novak Djokovic dominated Rafa Nadal 7-5 6-4 to score his finest triumph on clay and take the final of the Madrid Masters, 8 May. The Serb has now won his last 32 matches, the best start to a season since John McEnroe back in 1984. Nadal […]

It’s Spring! or so says Max the stork


Fribourg, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The warm spell of the past 10 days has brought tears to the eyes of skiers, watching the snow melt in the Jura and lower parts of the Alps. But for those who hate cold weather, Max has good news: it’s time to return north, as the weather warms. Max, a […]