Honduras gets new centre-right president

Sixty percent of Honduran voters turned out 29 November to elect a new president, and they chose centre-right National Party candidate Porfirio Lobo over the former president Manuel Zelaya. Lobo is expected to play a unifying role, with support from several members of Zelaya’s own Liberal Party. Zelaya lost support when he began to move […]

Other world news in brief

The UN General Assembly has approved 114 to 18, with 44 abstentions, the controversial Goldstone report into atrocities in the Gaza war in the winter of 2008/09, and recommended that the Security Council act if both Israel and the Palestinians had not conducted their own investigations within three months. CNN, New York Times Honduras‘ former […]

Honduras deal to be decided by Congress

The agreement between the two rival sides in Honduras’ four-month constitutional crisis will be decided by the Congress, which is in recess, after taking into consideration an opinion of the country’s Supreme Court. The agreement would allow Manuel Zelaya back into the presidential palace to serve out his term at the  head of a national […]

Honduras proposes both sides renounce presidency

Update 24 October 12:20 The de facto president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, has proposed that he resign from the presidency if Manuel Zelaya, the president deposed by the military 28 June and sent into exile, withdraws his claim to be reinstated as president. A government of national reconciliation would be installed until new elections, programmed […]

Honduras defiant as pressure mounts on government

The Honduran government issued a decree 27 September limiting civil rights on the eve of an expected massive demonstration in the capital Tegucigalpa in favour of ousted President Manuel Zelaya. The measures make it easier for the army to arrest protesters, and allows the government to act against pro-Zelaya media. The government refused entry into […]

Honduras in turmoil as Zelaya returns

Ousted president Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras overland from Guatemala, and immediately took refuge in the Brazilian embassy in the capital, Tegucigalpa. Zelaya called on his supporters from a balcony at the Brazilian embassy to converge on the capital to reverse the coup. The interim government of Roberto Micheletti said Brazil would have to accept […]

Honduras intransigent about Zelaya return

The Honduran government is defying international pressure to allow former President Manuel Zelaya, deposed 28 June, to return to power. An Organization of American States (OAS) mission of seven American foreign ministers urged the interim government of Roberto Micheletti to accept a plan worked out by Nobel prize-winner Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica, […]

Diplomatic tit for tat between Argentina and Honduras

Honduras ordered all members of the Argentine embassy in Tegucigalpa to leave the country within three days, Tuesday 18 August. But Argentine foreign minister, Jorge Taiana, on a trade mission in Mexico, said he had not been informed of the deadline, and his diplomats were staying put. The Honduran ministry of foreign affairs said it […]

Honduras ex-president vows to return to country

Honduras’ ousted president Manuel Zelaya is in neighbouring Nicaragua at the head of a caravan of vehicles set to cross the border near El Progreso, Honduras. He has said he hopes the soldiers guarding the border will lay down their arms and recognize him as their president. The de facto government in Honduras imposed a […]

EU suspends aid to Honduras over conflict

The European Union’s external affairs commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, said Monday 20 July that she was suspending EU aid of €65.5 million to the impoverished Central American nation of Honduras as a result of the political stand-off there. She said the decision was “difficult” . Hillary Clinton called Honduran Interim President Roberto Micheletti from New Delhi, […]