Swiss real estate prices record high in 2012, likely to head down


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swiss home prices are likely to start drifting down, says Wüest & Partner in its latest report on the Swiss real estate market. The company is an international real estate consultancy firm that regularly produces reports on its home market. “In the coming months, demand for commercial properties is expected to flatten […]

Swiss homebuyers face tougher rules, starting now


Shift to paying off principal changes homeowners’ landscape BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss banks will face tougher capital and lending requirements, the government emphasized in issuing new regulations Friday 1 June, but tucked into the end of the statement from the Swiss Federal Council were details that could have a strong impact on homeownership in Switzerland. […]

Paleo sold out!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The tickets for Paleo Music Festival came and went in no time Wednesday, after sales opened, and by evening the six days of concerts were sold out. The Nyon festival, one of Europe’s most popular summer outdoor festivals, will welcome 230,000 music fans from 17 to 22 July. The festival has 210 […]

Swiss business news highlights 20 July: pharma, oil spill, media

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – GenevaLunch is on a slow-news holiday schedule for the next two weeks, but to make sure you don’t miss key reports we’re bringing you highlights from some of the news beats, with links to original sources: EPFL plays key role in understanding Deepwater Horizon oil spill EPFL is playing a key role […]

Weekend break in Zadar, Croatia


Ed. note: Barbara Ender, an occasional contributor to GenevaLunch, is a Lausanne-based travel editor. Walking through history By Barbara Ender “Would you like a free hug?” An offer I couldn’t refuse. I turned to see a group of cheerful girls in orange T-shirts, opened my arms and embraced all the youth and joie de vivre […]

Deregulation of postal market likely to be slowed

Ongoing battle over press postal subsidy continues Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The upper house of the Swiss parliament’s transport and telecommunications commission has agreed to back motions by the lower house that will slow down the deregulation of the Swiss postal system. The two houses have agreed that the ruling Federal Council should provide an […]

Million versus billion and the fat finger debate

I am going to point a finger, a skinny one, at the latest buzz phrase: “fat finger syndrome.” You mean to type “m” and oops, you hit “b” and that million dollar order to sell is suddenly a billion. Next thing you know the Dow Jones market is crashing, and you don’t really want to […]

Blasts kill 49, scores injured in Lahore, Pakistan

Two bombs have killed 49 people, unofficial sources report, with the death toll rising as many of the scores of injured are in critical condition, in Lahore Pakistan. It is unclear if the blasts were two suicide bombs or one, followed by a remote-control device exploding in the heart of Lahore’s commercial centre. One bomb […]

Some diamond! Some watch! Dazzlers go for CHF5 and 8 million


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Forget the girl’s best friend, diamonds that investors love are dazzling the jewelry world this week. Christie’s big November precious gems and jewelry sale in Geneva Wednesday 18 November ended on a high note, with the sale of a 62.3 carat diamond going for CHF8.01 million at the Four Seasons Hotel […]

Peshawar begins to bury its dead

A day after a bomb ripped through a crowded popular market in the old town of Peshawar, capital of Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province, and killed over a hundred people, mainly women and children, rescuers were still pulling bodies from the rubble. Over 200 people were wounded  in the attack. It was the worst such attack […]