Canadian airplane and bird crash at Genève Int’l Airport

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A bird’s life came to an abrupt end and an Air Canada jet’s nose took a beating Sunday 10 March when flight AC-830 from Montreal to Geneva had a “bird strike” shortly before landing at  Genève International Airport, as Cointrin was renamed last year. The flight managed to land safely, reports Aviation […]

Swiss to check asylum seekers’ fingerprints against Schengen entries

Immigration in Switzerland

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Office for Migration in early December 2012 began checking asylum seekers’ fingerprints against CS-VIS, the European database of registered asylum seekers, making Switzerland one of the first country’s to use the new tool. The purpose is to rapidly determine where an asylum seeker entered the Schengen Accord area in order […]

Switzerland steps up reorganization for handling asylum requests (update 2)

Immigration in Switzerland

30,000 requested asylum in 2012 BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland in future will house its asylum seekers in five regions, each with several centres run by the federal government, with cantons taking a smaller share of them, a national conference involving all levels of government agreed Monday 21 January. The group issued a declaration at the […]

Switzerland sends border checks staff to 3 foreign airports

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss government said Tuesday 15 January that teams of “airline liaison officers” (ALOs) are now in place in three foreign airports, as part of broader efforts to reduce illegal immigration. For “strategic purposes” the countries have not been named. Bern does not publish figures on the size of the illegal immigrant […]

Cheering news from int’l. organizations in Geneva

Haitians finding shelter, Jordan’s mines lifted, Thai migrants get affordable HIV help GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Warnings of impending civil war in Syria came from the UN’s Special Envoy Kofi Annan Tuesday 8 May, backed up by an International Red Cross appeal Tuesday for CHF24.5 million in funds to help the tens of thousands of displaced […]

Int’l aid from Geneva: Haiti looking better, Syria mixed picture

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Two of the main Geneva-based aid organizations are reporting very different situations in the field this week. The IOM (International Organization for Migration) Tuesday 28 February announced the relatively good news that the number of people still living in camps in Haiti has fallen to under half a million people for the […]

Max staying put in warmer Spain

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Keep the woolens handy, for Max the stork is sitting tight in Catalonia and she isn’t in a hurry to come home. Groundhog shadows may give us clues to the length of winter in some countries, but in Switzerland it’s Max the stork, banded and followed by the Fribourg Natural History Museum. […]

Max says: spring is on the way

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Max knows something the rest of us don’t: spring is on the way. Freezing temperatures throughout Switzerland for the next few days and record snowfalls make it hard to believe, but one of the first harbingers of spring, Max the stork, has started her return north from the area around Madrid in […]

Summer is over, says Max the stork

FRIBOURG, SWITZERLAND – Max, the Swiss-born white stork who has been tracked for longer than any other bird in the wild, left her summer home in Tuefingen, Saturday 10 September. The Fribourg Natural History Museum, which banded and tracks the bird, says that for the first time in her 13 years of winter migrations, she […]

The cost of leaving Libya: IOM and Bangladesh settle on figure

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva and the Bangladesh government have worked out a programme to reimburse the country’s workers who fled Libya, with help from the IOM. Each of the 36,500 workers forced to return to Bangladesh will be allocated $680 in repatriation funds, the IOM says. More than […]