Boy Scouts of America sexual abuse files published

Publication under Oregon court order shows coverup of 20 years of abuse GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A high court in the state of Oregon in the US ordered the publication online Thursday of some 14,500 pages of records held by the Boy Scouts of America that show sexual abuse from 1965 to 1985 by 1,200 head […]

Isaac leaves Republicans speechless, but just for a day

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Republican Party members in the US, gathering in Florida to nominate Mitt Romney as their 2012 presidential candidate, saw the opening of their convention postponed for a day due to Hurricane Isaac. The hurricane blew into the Florida coastal areas Sunday and has left several thousand people without electricity, but damage was […]

Romney to submit financial statement

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is expected to submit Friday 1 June his personal financial statement to election authorities. Earlier this month, Forbes magazine reported that the presidential candidate, whose current net worth is estimated at $230 million, had sold most of his holdings in individual stock last year and converted it […]

Mitt Romney to face off with Obama: it’s official

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US presidential race now has two unofficially official candidates, with President Barack Obama facing off against Republican Mitt Romney, who won the Texas primary Tuesday 29 May. The win gives him the necessary 1,14 delegates to become the candidate, but he won’t be officially nominated until the Republican convention in Florida […]

Santorum ends US presidential race

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rick Santorum has pulled out of the  race for the Republican Party candidacy for the US presidential race, leaving it wide open for Mitt Romney. Santorum says he will continue to fight to unseat President Barack Obama, but he did not endorse Romney, who called him “an important voice” for the party […]

US elections: Illinois primary crucial for Romney

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A victory by Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s Republican party primary in Illinois would be key toward winning the party’s nomination for the US presidential election as he continues his state-to-state duel with Rick Santorum. Polls have put the former Massachusetts governor ahead of Santorum by an average of 7.5 percent, according to […]

Romney inches towards Republican slot, with 2 wins

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Mitt Romney is looking more likely than he was a few days ago to be the Republican presidential candidate in the US, following wins in Arizona and his home state of Michigan. His campaign had suffered in recent days and the battle in Michigan was a tight one with his win over […]

And if US candidates stop using tax havens?

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – “Tax haven” must be one of the most over-used and abused and least understood terms that is regularly unleashed by bureaucrats and politicians on unsuspecting voters who are angry about financial and tax inequality. I’m one of those voters, but I cringe when I see the term, especially coming from the US. […]

US presidential race steams ahead with Gingrich S Carolina win

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – And the race is on! The US presidential race, at least the Republican Party side of it, is now gearing up, with Mitt Romney’s early wins eclipsed this weekend by a powerful showing by Newt Gingrich in S Carolina. The Gingrich win comes on the heels of heavy media coverage of his […]