Neil Armstrong, RIP

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, died over the weekend of complications from a recent surgery. Armstrong, 82, led the Nasa mission for the US 20 July 1969 and became the first of 12 men, all American, who walked on the planet during the next 10 years before the Apollo […]

Moon eclipses sun, creating eerie world, nearly crashing Nasa site

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The annular eclipse by the moon of the sun, leaving only the famous ring of fire showing around the edges of the moon, was visible in parts of Japan and the US, including California and New Mexico, but bad weather blocked the view of it in some areas, including Vancouver, Canada. NPR […]

EPFL’s unveils St Prex Classics moon and dome festival arena, “Ao”


Helium hemisphere could change the face of festivals, other events LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – EPFL and the St Prex Classics Festival have created what promises to be the region’s most talked-about architectural project since the Rolex Learning Center at the polytechnic institute, although far smaller, less expensive and mobile. The two teamed up to solve the […]

Reminder: solar eclipse Tuesday morning


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Reminder: a partial solar eclipse will occur Tuesday morning 4 January, reaching its peak at 09:09 in Geneva, minutes later the further east you are in the country. The weather forecast from the Swiss national weather service is for mostly sunny skies Tuesday, but with some fog on the plain that […]

Moon surface holds secrets to early solar system bombardments

The patterns of bombardment on the Moon by objects from space about four billion years ago may hold clues to what happened on Earth as well, a new study reports in Science. A minute topographical examination of 5,185 craters larger than 20km across indicates that the Moon was likely bombarded in two separate waves. The […]

Nasa group says water found on moon

Moon craters (photo: Nasa)

The moon definitely has water, US agency Nasa announced 13 November, describing preliminary findings of its lunar crater observation and sensing satellite (Lcross). The satellite “plunged” into a crater of the south pole of the Moon 9 October 200. The water was found in the crater, which is permanently in shadow, as part of a […]

Moon walk memories

The US Mission in Geneva is asking people to share their memories of that moment in 1969 when two men stepped onto the moon and left their footprints. Here is what I wrote: Iowa, hot and steamy, my dad with a Scotch on the rocks, my mother with a cup of tea and me, age […]

This is the way it was: the Swiss were the first on the moon


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Forty years ago, as everyone surely knows by now, the first man, who was American, stepped on the moon: July 21 in the early hours, European time. “The first human stepped on a celestial body” was the more elegant phrase used to describe the moment, by Douglas Griffiths at a commemorative […]

Pull out those cameras, here comes the big yellow moon


Updated 13 December  Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The moon is sailing closer to the Earth today than it has for 15 years, reports the BBC’s science staff, and with clear skies the full moon will appear lighter and brighter than usual. The moon rises in eastern Switzerland, in St Moritz, at 16:00 12 December and in […]