Jack is back – an update on mugged Cardiff dancer

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Shortly before the holidays the good news made it into the UK press that Jack Widdowson, the 19-year-old British dancer with Bern Ballett, is recovering far better than expected in the hours after a mugging appeared likely to leave him paralyzed for life. Widdowson was attacked in Cardiff, Wales, apparently for the […]

Geneva crime levels: real, media hype or a fuzzy in-between?

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The hottest media story in Geneva in recent weeks has been about safety in the city, the rising rate of crime, the poor police response, the danger to foreigners visiting the city, the danger of foreigners bringing crime into the city: in short, Geneva, that haven of peace, isn’t what it used […]

17-yr-old mugging in Geneva grabs world attention

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 17-year-old was mugged in Geneva in mid-July, reportedly sustaining fractures and bruises. In most major cities, the news would have barely made the inside pages of the local paper. But the victim was the child of a US diplomat to the United Nations, and Geneva is a small city, widely considered […]

Astronaut Nicollier mugged on streets of Ukraine

Lausanne, Switzerland (24 Heures, Fre) – Claude Nicollier, the first Swiss astronaut to go into space, was mugged in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine 16 April, robbed of his money and cell phone and left unconscious on the street.