Arms sales world treaty passes strongly – but debate over what it means

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Three countries voted against it – Iran, North Korea and Syria – but with 154 countries backing it, the new international treaty to regulate the estimated $70-80 billion in world arms trade passed in the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday 2 April. There was widespread rejoicing that the long-debated treaty is finally […]

Montreux Jazz Festival unveils 2013 poster


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Oscar Oiwa, a Brazilian artist born in 1965 in São Paulo who has spent years in Japan and New York, will go down in history as the artist who created the Montreux Jazz Festival poster the year the MJF’s founder, Claude Nobs died, but there is nothing somber about the artwork. His […]

NYC ferry hits dock, 50 injured

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A ferry arriving at Pier 11 near Wall St in Manhattan in New York City, from New Jersey Wednesday morning 9 January, crashed into the dock, injuring nearly 60 people, two of them critically. The cause of the crash is unknown. The Seastreak ferry normally carries 400 passengers and the accident occurred […]

Architect Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier “disciple”, dies at 104

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One of the 20th century’s most significant architects, Brazilian Oscar Niemeyer, died Wednesday 5 December, in Rio de Janiero at age 104. Niemeyer, known for the sensuous curves he employed in his creations, which include the new capital town of Brasilia, called himself a disciple of Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier. In 1947, […]

Costs of US storm zooming, after landfall (update)

President Obama declares disaster in NY State GENEVA, SWITZERLAND  – Sixteen people have been reported dead and the cost of material damage from Hurricane Sandy is being estimated at $20 billion, reports Bloomberg, after the mammoth storm hit land just after being downgraded to a non-tropical storm. It “which was reclassified as a nontropical storm […]

US hunkers down for storm Sandy

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Maybe it’s the legacy of Hurricane Katarina slamming into New Orleans in 2005, but the eastern coast of the US was taking no chances during the night of Sunday to Monday, waiting for  Hurricane Sandy to show up. The New York Times, describing the eery streets of the city with public transport […]

The smart guys’ lunch? green tea, chocolate, fruit and red wine


Swiss cognitive function, measured in Nobels, and chocolate consumption, measured by sales, both high GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A tip, maybe, from the Swiss, who are the world’s innovation winners and who, by 2011, had garnered more Nobel prizes per capita than any other nation: keep eating certain fruits and chocolate and drinking green tea and […]

Argentina responds to IMF pressure at UN

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner rejected criticism by the International Monetary Fund of her government’s presentation of economic statistics, saying the country would not submit to threats. The Argentinian leader spoke Tuesday 25 October at the United Nations General Assembly a day after IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned that Argentina could […]

Montreux Jazz Festival: Pedrito Martinez and company groove Miles Davis lounge

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND – If you were lucky enough to catch the Rufus Wainwright show last night, 5 July at the Montreux Jazz Festival, you could have doubled your luck by catching the Pedrito Martinez Group performing shortly afterwards in the lounge at Miles Davis Hall. The quartet with members from Cuba, Venezuela and Peru – […]

Murder arrest on 33rd anniversary of boy’s disappearance in New York

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND –  A self-confessed suspect in a 33-year-old child disappearance case, which had provoked nationwide attention, is expected to appear in court accused of second-degree murder, Friday 25 May in New York. Pedro Hernandez, was arrested Thursday 24 May, and admitted to killing 6-year-old Etan Patz, after a relative’s memories were revived when the […]