Boston starts opening again, Canada bans details of terrorism trial

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Boston shops began opening again and life in the city that has been shut down for a week by bombs at the Boston Marathon started to get back to normal. Details are emerging of the criminal actions of which two brothers are accused, with the younger one, in hospital with a feeding […]

Arms sales world treaty passes strongly – but debate over what it means

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Three countries voted against it – Iran, North Korea and Syria – but with 154 countries backing it, the new international treaty to regulate the estimated $70-80 billion in world arms trade passed in the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday 2 April. There was widespread rejoicing that the long-debated treaty is finally […]

Survey: Most Americans view gun control favorably

SWITZERLAND – A new survey shows most Americans agree with renewed gun control in the US. Fifty-three percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll view US President Barack Obama’s gun control plan favorably, 41 percent unfavorably. Strong proponents outnumber strong opponents 38 vs. 31 percent in the poll produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. The survey comes weeks […]

Obama is president, again

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US President Barack Obama officially began his second term in office Sunday 20 January with a quiet swearing-in ceremony at the White House, but the party to celebrate the inauguration takes place today, Monday, in Washington. A crowd of close to half a million to one million, depending on the political persuasion […]

US debates, 2-1 for Obama, American media decide

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The third and final US presidential debates took place Monday night and American media have overwhelmingly decided that it went in President Barack Obama’s favour, but doubts are being voiced that debate will matter much to voters. Obama and Romney will now fight it out as they go on the road for […]

Chicago teachers vote to go back to work

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Teachers in Chicago, Illinois, the third largest school system in the US, are heading back to work Wednesday after nearly two weeks of a strike whose ripple effect spread throughout the country. The union has yet to approve the vote, but given the strong yes to the compromise package worked out over […]

US Supreme Court says yes, 5-4, to Obama health care plan (update 2)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US Supreme Court Thursday 28 June gave President Barack Obama a resounding victory by saying yes to his effort to overhaul the country’s health care system, four months ahead of presidential elections.T The swing vote came from the chief justice. While NPR described his role as “Roberts joined the four liberal […]

USA presidential election: the reality show campaign

By Matthew Stevenson Reprinted from Politico with permission Thomas Jefferson called the American presidency “a bad edition of the Polish king.” In the intervening two centuries, however, the office has become one that not even the Poles would trade for a Teutonic knight or Lithuanian count. To elect a president now costs $1 billion, and […]

Chicago Nato meeting draws protesters

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Scuffles and arrests marked Sunday’s Occupy Chicago protest against the Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meeting  being held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Some streets in the city centre have been blocked and traffic redirected at times. About 2,000 journalists are covering the two-day summit, the first held […]

US, Australia, agree to Marines in Pacific

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The United States will station 250 Marines in Australia starting in 2012, with the number expected to grow to 2,500 at some point, US President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard agreed Wednesday 16 November. The BBC reports that “The deployment is being seen as a move to counter China’s […]