US could make big savings by slowing growth in obesity

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Slowing the expected increase in growing obesity rates in the United States can drastically reduce health care costs, according to an analysis presented at a Washington health conference, National Public Radio reports. According to the evaluation presented at the Weight of the Nation conference in Washington and published in the American Journal […]

US children developing poor eating habits earlier, study shows


VEVEY, SWITZERLAND – Children in the US are developing poor eating habits that are likely to lead to obesity at a younger age, as early as 12 months, a study by Nestlé shows. Some 10 percent of children between ages 2 and 5 are now categorized as obese and another 11 percent are overweight, but […]

Diabetes, obesity treatments getting new attention

Geneva / Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A group of universities, including EPFL in Lausanne, is behind one of the latest encouraging signs of new treatments for diabetes, obesity and possibly several cancers. Their research into the cell metabolism action of a group of cancer drugs called Paribs indicates that the drugs do more than repair […]

Developing countries should fight the flab, OECD says

The increase in rates of overweight and obese people in middle-income countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and China, is worrying health experts who say that taking measures now would be more cost-effective than when rates have reached rich-country proportions. A study by the OECD published in The Lancet 11 November comes to the conclusion that […]

Mexico fights obesity with new law

The sale and advertising of junk food in schools will be illegal, thanks to an anti-obesity law approved by Mexico’s senate 4 November with one vote against. Although the law has been passed, parts of it will go back to be reworked in committee  before it goes to the chamber of deputies. Sellers of junk […]

Swiss waistline remains stretched

Geneva-Servette Hockey Club training, October 2010

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Switzerland takes the country’s health pulse once every five years, and the 2010 results, published 2 November, show too many Swiss remain overweight, at 34 percent of the population, with 8 percent considered obese. Only two in five persons has an adequate level of exercise. That said, the Swiss generally consider […]

Pacific islanders’ obesity problem balloons: imported food main culprit


WHO says over 50% population obese in 10 Pacific islands, causing host of health problems Geneva, Switzerland ( – Three Pacific Island regions, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia are home to 10 islands whose populations are suffering from growing health problems, with obesity at the root of the problem. Imported foods are the main culprit, says […]

Overweight women who drink at higher risk, study shows

A study of a million UK women, published in the British Medical Journal, indicates that those who drink alcohol and are overweight may be at as much as double the risk for developing cirrhosis of the liver and other liver diseases. The study suggests that alcohol limits for obese and overweight people may need to […]

Summertime: best time to start a diet

Summertime is diet time: an approach to changing your eating habits Summertime is the best time to start changing your eating habits. Fruits and vegetables are tastier and cheaper in summer, so your tastebuds are satisfied, but with fewer calories and more fiber. You can take advantage of this time to start a lifestyle change […]

A fun, interactive guide for teaching your children good eating habits

Teaching your kids good eating habits, now and not later Alarming increase in rate of obesity in European children As covered in our article “Obesity education leads to fewer French, Swiss obese children” of May 2008, obesity has taken on epidemic proportions in European children. According to IOTF (International Obesity TaskForce) figures, Europeans are starting to wake up […]