Swiss name new multilateral tax issues ambassador

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Fabrice Filliez has been named Switzerland’s new ambassador for multilateral fiscal matters, a new post in the office for international financial questions, SMI. He will be responsible for defending Switzerland’s rights and responsibilities in international organizations that deal with multilateral tax matters, notably the OECD and the United Nations’s Ecosac. He will […]

OECD approves group requests for tax assistance – but no “fishing expeditions”

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The OECD 17 July approved an “amended commentary” to its Model Convention on tax administrative assistance, which now includes the possibility for one government to request help with groups rather than just individuals, as the US has done for large groups of American taxpayers it suspected were hiding money from the IRS […]

Swiss gov’t raises the ante for banks, other countries (update 2)

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss government announced the first phase of a strategy “for a credible, tax-compliant and competitive Swiss financial centre” Wednesday 22 February. The statement for the first time puts the emphasis on future offshore clients stating they are tax-compliant at home before an account will be opened. The Federal Council says it […]

OECD tells Bern to discourage consumer debt, warns of real estate bubble


Possible overheating in real estate: tighten mortgage requirements, gov’t told BERN, SWITZERLAND – The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) 2012 report on Switzerland, issued this week, cautions Bern against allowing consumer debt to build and warns that the real estate market may be overheating., The report’s overall assessment is that while Switzerland is […]

Swiss rank sixth in work life balance

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland comes in sixth, behind three Nordic countries, The Netherlands and Belgium (not having a leader doesn’t count against you, it appears), for work life balance, according to the Paris-based OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). The report was published in October 2011 but unlike quality of life rankings for countries […]

Swiss radio reports that Switzerland won’t make the G20 grade

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – RSR, Swiss public radio, reports Friday morning that Switzerland and Liechtenstein will not be promoted to the ranks of the good guys where taxes are concerned but that they will remain in a gray limbo for now. The information is based on a copy of the OECD report to the G20, scheduled […]

Switzerland, India double taxation treaty enters into force

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss and Indian governments Monday 10 October announced that their revised double taxation treaty enters into force today. The treaty, revised to accommodate OECD international standards, is being met in India with hope that this will pave the “way for obtaining data on black money stashed there,” says the Economic Times. […]

Swiss tax agreements debate re-opens


New interpretation of treaty obligations sends amendments to parliament Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Revised tax treaties with the US, UK and France among others, already signed by both parties, will need amendments that will send them back to the Swiss Parliament, the Federal Department of Finance announced Tuesday 15 February. The amendments would allow other […]

Switzerland shifts to annual national census


Digital age facilitates more frequent census-taking and broader range of information Neuchatel, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss government is moving to an annual national census, a ground shift in how the population is counted and how other data is gathered, Bern announced 21 December. The first day of the new census will be 31 December […]

Developing countries should fight the flab, OECD says

The increase in rates of overweight and obese people in middle-income countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and China, is worrying health experts who say that taking measures now would be more cost-effective than when rates have reached rich-country proportions. A study by the OECD published in The Lancet 11 November comes to the conclusion that […]