The Fêtes de Genève and Paléo bring the music back to the Lake Geneva region

Many different scenes can be appreciated at the Paleo festival in Nyon Switzerland - Photo J Rattaz Paleo

NYON and GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Music is on in the Lake Geneva region now that Paleo and the preliminary Fêtes de Genève have begun. The Fêtes and pre-fêtes de Genève which include fair rides, concerts and scores of food stalls, run from 19 July to 12 August and extend from Baby Plage to the Quai […]

Rain holds off in St Prex for Paris dancers Le Riche, Osta


St Prex, Vaud, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The main street of the medieval village of St Prex  was graced Tuesday night 25 August with star dancers from the Paris Opera Nicolas Le Riche and his wife Clairemarie Osta in Prokoviev’s “Romeo & Juliet” as part of the St Prex Festival. For the second night running the […]

Summer concerts in Annemasse

Title: Summer concerts in Annemasse Location: Annemasse, neighbouring France Link out: Click here Description: Every Saturday evening enjoy jazz at the Fantasia Park in Annemasse. The city of Annemasse is only a train stop away from trams 12, 17 and 16 from Geneva. Shows begin at 17:30. Start Date: 16 Aug 2009 End Date: 29 […]

Music festival in Vernier

Title: Music festival in Vernier Location: Vernier, Geneva Link out: Click here Description: An outdoors music festival in the municipality of Vernier in Canton Geneva. Start Date: 09 Sep 2009 End Date: 13 Sep 2009

Jazz and blues in Bernex

Title: Jazz and blues in Bernex Location: Bernex, Geneva Link out: Click here Description: Two days of concerts, music, and outdoor fun for kids and adults in Bernex. Start Date: 29 Aug 2009 End Date: 30 Aug 2009

Jazz on the beach: Hermance

Title: Jazz on the beach: Hermance Location: Hermance, Geneva Link out: Click here Description: Enjoy the view, Lake Geneva and free outdoor jazz concerts. Date: 15 Aug 2009

Paleo Festival: mud for mud’s sake

Paleo revelers in the Mangroove Mudbath - Photo, Jared Bloch

Nyon, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Natural skin defoliation? Spiritual cleansing? Or just plain dirty fun? According to one young mud bather interviewed by GenevaLunch, “It’s just mud. That’s all.” Paleo revelers were invited  to take a dip in a mud pool set up in the center of the Mangroove art installation. Mangroove, a virtual swamp of […]

La Pulqueria outdoes Paleo


Paleo Festival Nyon, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The crowd at Paleo couldn’t keep up with La Pulqueria Friday 24 July. The energy level on the stage was reminiscent of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern – well, when it works – and lead singer Huracán Romántica exhorted the crowd in very passable French to dance, to […]

(One of) the secrets behind Paleo’s eco-friendliness


Nyon, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Last year, festival-goers to the Paleo Festival Nyon discarded 1.2 million plastic cups in six days. Drinks, hot and cold were sold in cups that ended up in the garbage, or more likely on the ground. The festival’s organizers decided that things had to change. Enter Ecocup, a French company. For […]

Practical guide to Nyon’s Paleo Festival


What it is: The largest outdoor music festival in Switzerland, started in 1976, with over 4.3 million concert-goers since then. In 2008, the audience was 227,000 strong, and there were 146 performances on six stages. Volunteers, all 4,062 of them, helped to make the experience a great one for all. According to a survey in […]