Louvre in Paris closed while staff protests pickpockets

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – France’s most visited museum, the Louvre in Paris, is open again Thursday 11 April.  The museum closed Wednesday due to a strike by 200 security guards who were protesting the growing problem of pickpockets, increasingly aggressive and violent, according to the employees’ union. The museum has long had a problem with pickpockets […]

Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki dies in Nyon


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Influential Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki has died in Nyon, age 93. He left China in 1950 and settled in Paris, eventually becoming a French citizen. He settled in Switzerland in 2011, a move that according to news agency AFP is part of a family dispute over the painter’s health care and […]

French bus conductor climbs US Embassy in Paris

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The ultra-secure US Embassy in Paris, at the Place de la Concorde, turned out to be a little less so Thursday, after a French bus conductor calling himself a poet-climber scrambled up the building and spent two hours on the roof. Hervé Couasnon told AFP, French news agency, that he wanted to […]

Stalled N. Europe air traffic hits Zurich, Geneva flights (update)

Trains delayed by up to 3.5 hours ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Heavy snow for the season Tuesday 12 March had a major impact on London, Paris and Frankfurt airports, with hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed. Flights to and from Geneva and Zurich airports were both affected, but by Tuesday evening the situation in Switzerland was […]

Apple store in Paris hit by million euro theft

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Apple Store at Rue Halévy in the IXe arrondissement of Paris was robbed by four armed men New Year’s Eve, 31 December, police have confirmed. They got away with merchandise valued at an estimated one million euros. The store sells mainly tablets and iPhones, according to Figaro.

Geneva-Morocco drug and money laundering ring: denials

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The head of the presumed money laundering ring that was uncovered by police in Geneva and Paris last week, has denied, through his lawyer, that he was handling money tainted by drugs, the Tribune de Geneve reported Monday. The Swiss man of Moroccan origin, head of a financial firm in Geneva, was […]

Border workers given year of grace by France over insurance


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – French residents who work in Switzerland have been given a reprieve on paying into the national social security system, by the French government. The Groupement transfrontalier européen (GTE) in Annemasse was told Monday morning by a Socialist minister that Marisol Touraine, minister for social affairs, has decided to leave the deadline at 31 May […]

Thanks for the Cosmo years, Helen

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The last paycheck I received from Cosmopolitan came while I was living in Switzerland, five years after I stopped writing about lust, sex, single girls and other hot Cosmo Girl topics, having moved on to motherhood and less sexy wet diapers. It was a $300 check for the Hungarian Cosmo reprint rights, […]

Air France crash report blames technical faults, human error

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -  A final report into a deadly mid-Atlantic Air France crash in June 2009 was released Thursday 5 July and blames equipment failure and human error for the accident. The French investigating authority, the BEA, faulted malfunctioning speed sensors and pilot error for the crash of the Rio-to-Paris flight in which 228 people […]

“You got me”, Canada’s presumed ghoulish murderer, to Berlin police

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The man presumed to be behind the murder of 32-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin in Montreal, and who then mailed the body parts to members of parliament among others, has been arrested in Berlin. Luca Rocca Magnotta was tracked to France, where he is believed to have gone the day after the […]