Blocher’s immunity ruling scheduled for 25 April in Hildebrand case

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Christoph Blocher’s argument that he has parliamentary immunity that  protects him from charges of breaking bank secrecy laws will be considered by the Parliamentary Commission on Immunity 24 April. The group held an initial meeting 28 March and decided to put off for a month both the overall immunity question and the […]

Swiss political world startled as defender of bank secrecy searched


Blocher, strategist for right-wing People’s Party, ironically under suspicion for breaking bank secrecy laws ZURICH, SWITZERLAND –  The search Tuesday 20 March by Zurich police of both the home and the office of Christophe Blocher startled the Swiss political world, in part because Blocher has been a staunch supporter of Swiss bank secrecy. The searches […]