Geneva, Lausanne among first of 30 Swiss cities to be photographed

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva and Lausanne will be among the first targets of photographers taking aerial views of 30 Swiss cities in coming months, part of an ongoing topographic project. The first photos will be shot in August. The Swiss federal topography office, Swisstopo, is working with two private firms, Flotron Ingenieure and BSF Swissphoto, […]

Flying is more than getting from A to B


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Summer is the time when Switzerland’s international population does one of two things, or more often, both: the family from abroad comes to visit and we act as tour guides, or we leave town, heading out for all parts across the globe, for this is a well-traveled population. Getting to our destination […]

Ellen’s Wine World on FB: everything in the world of Swiss wine!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Ellen’s Wine World has just kicked off on Facebook, home to tasting notes, shared wisdom from other Swiss wine fans, videos, photos of Swiss vineyards throughout the year, events on the wine calendar and special daily or near-daily nuggets from Ellen’s Wine Almanac. That Ellen and this one are the same person, […]

The lusciousness of cars in Geneva: check out the photos


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Mr Kio is back at the Geneva Motor Show, shooting cars for GenevaLunch. Fifty of his beautiful shots from the 2012 show’s opening day Thursday 8 March are now in an album for you. Colour, rich and deep and luscious, marks Europe’s new cars. A sneak preview before you go to the […]

Mystery of A-level jumping blonds cleared up, whew

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -A-level exam results come out 18 August in the UK and Chris Cook, writing in the Financial Times 1 August, has finally cleared up something that has puzzled me, as a journalist, for several years. Why is this news always covered heavily by the British media with blond girls, most of whom are […]

Rio-Paris flight: several bodies should be identifiable

The French transport ministry said Monday 4 April that it should be possible to identify several of the bodies in the large part of the plane which has been found in the sea off Brazil’s coast. The fourth search for the plane that went missing mysteriously 1 June 2009 en route from Rio de Janeiro […]

When a shoe is not just a shoe

Can I really say hat’s off to shoes? Of course, and where else but in China, where shoes seem to have gone to designers’ heads, at CHIC (China’s International Clothing and Accessories Fair). Decide for yourself: check out Xinhua’s photos of some of the winners.

Royal watchers gear up for Prince William’s Kate

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution in North Wales had an extra dose of attention Thursday when Britain’s Prince William came with his bride-to-be Kate Middleton to help with the naming ceremony for a new lifeboat. The outing for the couple was the first official one for the prince’s fiancee and cameras went to work on […]

New Zealand badly shaken by earthquake (update)

Christchurch in New Zealand is the scene of at least 65 deaths following a series of tremors around the city that began around noon Monday 21 February. Buildings have collapsed and emergency services are overwhelmed trying to dig out people trapped under rubble. The largest tremor appears to have hit at 12:51, magnitude 6.5 on […]

GenevaLunch photo albums: Geneva’s wintry trees profile

Crowning Glory_sm

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The winter face of Geneva is showing, and if that brings to mind only gray skies, try looking up at the trees. Photographer Rohit Acharya has put together an album of Geneva’s trees in winters, showing another face of the city’s beauty, in “Life after death”.