Rebekah’s gold raises more News of the World questions

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – You can close down a newspaper but you can’t put it out to pasture completely, it seems, with the news world’s ethics debates still raging four months after the demise of The News of the World in Britain. On the one hand, the newspaper was praised by media and the judge alike […]

Man who threw hot oil on police arrested in France

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The 25-year-old man who has been on the run from Orbe since he escaped police after seriously injuring two of them with hot oil has been arrested in France, near Lons-le-Saunier. He threw boiling oil on the officers as they surrounded his apartment, where he briefly held his wife hostage and threatened […]

Violent man at large: 2 police officers burned after he threw hot oil on them (update)

The man who burned two police officers before escaping remains at large late Tuesday night, but TSR reports police as saying his car has been found, deserted by the 25-year-old near Clées, just off the A9 autoroute southwest of Yverdon, not far from the Swiss-French border. Update 23:20  LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Two canton Vaud police […]

Two top police officers held 12 years by Farc freed

Columbia’s President Alvaro Uribe interrupted a televised news conference Sunday 13 June to take a phone call from his top general announcing that the military had just rescued two of the country’s top police officers who had been held by Farc guerillas for 12 years. The two, Luis Mendieta and Col. Enrique Murillo, were taken […]

Man dies after US Pentagon shootout

A man walked up to two police officers guarding the Pentagon, US military headquarters in Washington, DC, and “without emotion”, according to the head of the Pentagon police, started shooting them. The officers, who have non-life-threatening graze injuries, returned fire and critically shot the man, John Patrick Bedell, who later died at a nearby hospital. […]