Stan Wawrinka, fast ball man: “200 kph only when serving”


Too many drivers slow down just for fixed radars LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Stan Wawrinka, best known as a tennis player and Olympic champion, is the new poster boy for canton Vaud’s “the road isn’t my racetrack” police campaign. His face will appear on some 1,700 giant posters in every commune in Vaud  for its annual […]

Mediterranean diet very clear winner for cardiovascular problems

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – In a rare move, a medical study of a Mediterranean diet’s impact on cardiovascular problems proved so conclusive the study was abandoned early, after nearly five years. The study, published 25 February in the New England Journal of Medicine, included 7,447 persons considered at risk, and it put them on three diets. […]

Geneva gives more power to police force

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva’s city council Thursday night voted in favour of two measures that will significantly strengthen the role of the police, but one of the measures showed a clear rift between the left and right. Municipal police and border guards will, in future, have the same ability to carry out police investigations to […]

News brief: 10 rules for safer sledding

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention has published a list of 10 rules for safer sledding in winter, based on research into the causes of sledding accidents, of which there are 11,000 a year in Switzerland. While most are not serious, the group says, taking basic precautions could avoid many of them. […]

Safety: Vaud police take guests for a “spin” and drunken walk


Click on images to view larger LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The hugely popular Comptoir Suisse show starts in Lausanne Saturday 14 September and one of its more unusual stands will be that of the Vaud police road safety team. Journalists were given a taste this week of what visitors to the show can expect as part […]

Fewer youth suicides in Geneva thanks to strong prevention efforts, say HUG

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The number of suicides by young people has fallen steadily in Geneva over the past 10 years and in 2010 the figure reached less than 2 per 100,000. Prevention is the key, according to the HUG university hospitals, which 10 September hosted a meeting on suicide prevention among young adults. Suicide is […]

Swiss safety council calls for safer post-bar nights

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Nearly half, 48 percent, of all road deaths/critical injuries from road accidents are young people ages 18-24, with 42 percent men and only 6 percent women. Too many road accidents in Switzerland occur late at night or in the early hours of the morning after discos and bars close on weekends, with […]

Biker caught doing 130kph in village as motorcycle safety day announced

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The police in Vaud handed their Valais police colleagues a nice story Wednesday morning, of a local man in his 40s stopped for going 130kph on  his motorcyle in a 50 zone. The man was going through the village of Crassier, near the Vaud/French border and the French town of Divonne. The […]

French to crack down on drunk driving, speed on roads

New Swiss road safety review shows men 18-24 at risk for serious accidents caused by speed, alcohol France says 1 in 10 accidents due to cell phone use Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – French road safety officials meeting in Paris 11 May agreed to a series of radical changes to crack down on speeders and drunk […]

Nuite Blanche? in Geneva, an ON/OFF party

Look for a very special party at  the Mad Club in Geneva 11 March: DJs from Switzerland and the US will play tech-house, electronic, trip-hop and other cool sounds from 23:00 to 5:00. This soirée is different because a Nuit Blanche? team will be visiting the club to promote alternatives to drugs and alcohol. Nuit […]