Swiss ex-prisoner sets fire to himself in Penthalaz drama

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 34-year-old Swiss man set fire to himself at 14:00 Monday 18 June at the Venoge Parc in Penthalaz, but only after police specialists spent nearly two hours trying to talk him out of it. The man arrived in the park shortly before noon with two petrol cans and began to threaten […]

Switzerland’s foreigners, poor and criminal or rich and comfortable


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland, with a foreign population that is 24 percent of the total, is grappling with the extremes they bring: what some consider undesirable foreigners, on the one hand, and on the other hand those who help finance a more comfortable life for their communes. Most, of course, sit somewhere in the middle, […]

High-speed chase on A9 and in Bex, prisoner captured


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The reputation for newly arrived Tunisian refugees charged by Swiss media with committing a high number of crimes will not be helped any by a high-speed chase between Sion in canton Valais and Bex in Vaud Saturday 3 December. A prisoner, a 22-year-old Tunisian, escaped from the Sion penitentiary by climbing on […]

Max Goeldi out of prison, should leave Libya this weekend

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Swiss businessman Max Goeldi was released from prison in Libya Thursday 10 June, according to his lawyer, and he should be able to leave the country and return to Switzerland this weekend. He is staying in a hotel in Tripoli while paperwork for his departure is completed. TSR public television reached […]

Libya lifts visa ban on EU citizens

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Libyan government told reporters that it has lifted its visa ban on European Union citizens, a move made in response to Switzerland’s ban on 155 Libyan citizens in December 2009. The news was announced by Libyan news agency Jana. The EU had earlier issued a statement to journalists at the […]

Youngest Guantanamo prisoner released

Seven years after his arrest in Pakistan, where he was attending a mosque, 21-year-old Mohammed El Gharani, a citizen of Chad, has been released fro Guantanamo Bay and sent home to Chad, his lawyers say. The US government has not confirmed the information. El Gharani was 14 when he was arrested on suspicion of “of […]