Ants are not the drudge workers we thought they were

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Ants running around with miniature bar codes on their backs have news for us: the world of worker ants who are essentially slaves doing the same drudgery work all their lives is fiction. University of Lausanne professor Laurent Keller and his research team have discovered that ants change their jobs throughout their […]

Zurich research confirms Iceman had serious dental problems


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Otzi, the Neolithic mummy found on the Austrian-Italian border in 1991 and often called the Iceman, had a mouthful of dental problems, scientists in Zurich have shown. New research confirms initial reports in 2011 that the man, who died from internal bleeding after he was hit by an arrow, had very bad […]

EPFL research shows great promise for nanowires

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Nanowires may hold the key to vastly cheaper solar-powered electricity, researchers at EPFL, working with scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark say. The group published a paper in late March in Nature Photonics, that is getting the attention of world solar power experts. “Solar technology integrating nanowires could capture large […]

HUG gets new equipment for brain research

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) has acquired new equipment for brain research, after receiving a grant from a French foundation, the HUG announced earlier this week. An EEG-128 device, which allows for higher resolution measurements of brain activity than other EEG systems, and a U-SPECT scanner, to be used for molecular neurological imaging […]

Solar Impulse headed for San Francisco

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse, the experimental solar plane, is en route to San Francisco, via Luxembourg, thanks to a jumbo jet that has the same wing-span but that weighs nearly half a million kilos. The CargoJet plane landed in payerne Wednesday evening 20 February, with some nervousness on the part of observers, since the […]

Cern shuts down LHC for two years: plenty of data to work on

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Cern has completed its LHC (Large Hadron Collider) first three-year running period, which, the Geneva organization says “has seen major advances in physics, including the discovery of a new particle that looks increasingly like the long–sought Higgs boson, announced on 4 July 2012. And during the last weeks of the run, the […]

Thin film solar promise of affordable energy “in near future”


Lab to industry is next as Swiss team record closes traditional and new solar tech gap ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – A new world record for thin film solar cells’ efficiency of 20.4 percent for converting sunlight into electricity has been set in Zurich, and in the process, the gap with more traditional and widely use solar […]

European research seeking cheaper plug into the sun


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – A €9 million European-wide research programme to find cheaper solar energy solutions is being led by a Zurich-based professor at Empa, the Swiss national materials science and technology research institute, part of ETH, the Zurich federal technology institute. Frank Nuesch recently led the opening meeting of the 14 Treasores project partner institutions […]

Baby Coendou doing well at Papiliorama

Baby Brazilian Coendou, born at the Papiliorama in canton Fribourg

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A baby Brazilian Coendou (prehensile-tailed porcupines or coendous, genus Coendou), born in early December is doing well, say staff at the Papiliorama Foundation in Kerzers, canton Fribourg. The little nocturnal creature belongs to a group of arboreal porcupines. It’s the first birth of a Coendou in more than three years; the foundation […]

Zurich’s “unique” contribution to wine world in 2013

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Don’t miss the extraordinary tale, a feature, of how the “1895″ wine yeast that made headlines in 2008 has moved from a 113 year old bottle to the world stage, where it will be marketed in 2013.