The high cost of saying I love you, in the US


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Americans will spend $18.6 billion today, Valentine’s Day, on gifts for loved ones, reports Advertising Age. The biggest amounts will go for jewelry, some $$4.4 billion, and just under half that amount for flowers. Candy comes in just under flowers, at $1.8 billion. The most surprising gift category might be the amount […]

Geldorf to join cocoa bean to chocolate bar Davos encounter


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Musician and activist Bob Geldorf, along with Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, will head the celebrity side of a new chocolate meetup in Davos 5-7 June. A conference called Chocovision 2012 is being organized by world chocolate industry behemoth Barry Callebaut, to bring together all stakeholders from the cocoa, chocolate and retail […]

UK, Swiss, Swedish retailers killing fewer tropical trees

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Some of the largest retailers in Britain, Sweden and Switzerland are leading the pack when it comes to saving tropical forests by using sustainable palm oil, according to a new survey by Gland-based environmental organization the WWF. Migros and Coop in Switzerland scored 9, the highest possible number on the Roundtable on […]

Swiss wood import ID law goes into effect


Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A Swiss law to require wood importers and suppliers to identify the source of their products goes into effect Friday 1 October. One of the key problems in supporting sustainable forests, groups such as WWF have said, is ensuring that consumers are educated about the source of wood, but also that […]

Japan’s consumer prices down, unemployment up

Japan’s consumer prices were down by a record 1.7 percent in June compared to a year ago, for the fourth straight month that prices declined. Rising unemployment and falling wages are crimping demand, sending Japan’s economy spiraling into deflation for the second time in less than 10 years. Even when declining energy prices are excluded […]

Migros named world Responsible Retailer of the Year in Barcelona


Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Migros has beat out larger competitors such as retail chains Marks & Spencers,  Tesco and Woolworths for the title of Responsible Retailer of the Year, given in Barcelona 15 May by the World Retail Congress.

Police in the US say shoplifting is up 10-20%

Blame the economy: just as retailers are struggling to cope with falling sales in the US during this bleak period, more shoppers are becoming desperate and stealing, it appears, with police around the country saying shoplifting arrests are up 10-20% over 2007. The number is probably not a reflection of the true increase, says the […]

Mall of America not seeing retail downturn – yet

Gloomy reports about American spending, especially consumer purchases, fill the daily news and affect stock prices as far afield as Asia – and yet the largest shopping centre in the US, the Mall of America in Minnesota, says it is not yet feeling the impact. MinnPost